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To participants of defence of Moscow will help money

In the near future to participants of defence of capital will help money and gifts on the occasion of laying ahead in this year 65 - j anniversaries of a battle of Moscow.
Within all this year prefectures are obliged to check, in what conditions there live veterans. Then 2500 in great need defenders of Moscow should receive washing machines, TVs, refrigerators, and also it will make repair of apartment and will replace to the sanitary technician. To those from participants of defence of Moscow to whom under medical indications the free car is put, it should give out out of turn this year.
Besides, for defenders of capital will allocate 1200 free vacation packages in sanatorium. In November - December, 2006 being on nadomnom service of the social centres will hand over 7500 celebratory grocery sets. In addition this December will pay single material aid at a rate of 1000 roubles to following categories of participants of defence of Moscow, living in capital:
awarded by a medal For defence of Moscow ;
to the persons continuously working at the enterprises, in the organisations and establishments of Moscow, passing military service, the pupil of craft, railway schools and schools fabrichno - factory training (FZO) in a city from July, 22nd, till January, 25th, 1942, to participants of building of defensive boundaries near Moscow;
to military men, persons of ordinary and commanding structure of law-enforcement bodies and the agencies of state security, persons of civilian structure, the participants of guerrilla and underground movement who were taking part in the Moscow fight from September, 30th, till April, 19th, 1942