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The status class - the emigrant sausage!

... The world glory has overtaken me suddenly. That is in March I was a modest observer “ and already in April, after a sketch exit “ Russian again took Berlin! “ (from April, 5th and 6, 2006) - The main ideologist of all “ chekistsko - Putin “ a mode. And all because has written how our compatriots are taken a detached view, moved to live to Germany. Not very well, fairly to tell, look: sit all day long on Russian Internet, work on a minimum not to lose the right to the social benefit, to receive which it it is absolutely not a shame, as if Germany should all of them on life.
Not all, of course, and exclusively with whom I was reduced on business trip by life. Cleanliness of experiment is important for sociologists, the journalism - a thing subjective that more all and involves readers. Live emotions are necessary to you, instead of language of analytical inquiries!
And so, after that publication squall of the indignant responses has fallen upon edition from those who has not wished itself to learn in this sketch. The facts nobody challenged, but the general verdict was that: 1) “ The author envies immigrants and exhausts newspaper strips because has no possibility to move to Europe itself “. (The Author, has by the way, done a way back - having lived abroad, has returned home, and for the present about it has not regretted. - a bus)
2) Not economic they at all immigrants. More correctly, right at the beginning, when left and in shops there was no sausage and bread, were economic. And now, having seen enough from there is nothing to do the TV, have backdating come to a conclusion, what not bread Russian with sausage is not pleasant to them, and all country as a whole. “ you have made of us political refugees! “ - with pathos reader Boris Borisovich Mihajlov has written in the letter from Germany. Have mercy, yes who from here drove you - that? Have gone, having defended in due time turns at embassies!
3) “ the Extraneous person has voiced about what we are silent. The majority of us for a long time have already understood that have made a mistake “ - sad remarks through the indignant chorus from time to time broke. “ it is paid by the Russian special services! “ - Immediately did a conclusion the German Russian-speaking weights as if not in 90 - e years from us have left, and in the middle of 70 - h...
Emigrant nostalgia from Russian taverns in the XXI-st century has moved to the world of high technologies.  
It only at first sight seems that against mass exod of Russian from Central Asia and caucasus to worry about safe compatriots in the West is irrelevant. To ignore this huge state without the territory, called by Foreign Russia, it is impossible. The matter is that financial and political position of an ancestral home directly is projected on those who very much tries to forget it, and the relation to the people who are speaking Russian on the different ends of a planet, finally is readdressed on their native land. We are absolutely interconnected, as two ends of a wooden swing.
“ Let better the world will cave in under them! “
How much our compatriots now live in all Europe, anybody for certain does not know. In one Baltic - 2 million, plus in Germany - a minimum 3,5 (by some estimations, together with illegal emigrants - all 5), plus Czechia traditionally favourite by Russian, Finland, Belgium, Spain, and after all still are two capitals of Russian and new Russian emigration Paris and London! How much: six? Seven? Eight? The Russian citizens, leaving abroad, on the account in consulates to rise are lazy, the same who has replaced citizenship, but continues to think and speak Russian, that is to remain the compatriot, it is impossible to count on a broader scale. Mess in figures bring and “ parallelshchiki “ - those who has left in the homeland spare airdromes in the form of apartments to support in to itself illusion that when - nibud they will come back back.
That unites all of them, except the general Soviet past?
That all of them have dared to begin once life with zero. One consider as their adventurers, others - strong persons, the third, to the contrary, weaklings who could not worry  destruction of empire, the fourth - the losers, not managed anything to achieve at home.
On a social needle in the form of an allowance of emigrants Germany puts only, all other European countries in relation to them behave more rigidly and more fairly. This circumstance defines also quality of a human set: in French riviera the most successful have lodged, to Czechia there have gone workaholics (those who initially knew: to pretend that have got on a resort, it will not be possible, it is necessary to plough), to Germany - hunters behind a freebie. Though is not present... Transformation of normal people in parasites, most likely, occurred directly on a place. Know, how the person has revenged the most worst enemy - to a saber-toothed tiger? It has tamed it and has transformed into a cat, anything especially without doing, simply feeding and ironing on a stomach. Here about the same has made with emigrants and Germany, apologising thus for crimes of nazis.

Journalist Marina Dobusheva from “ space “ hostels has left. It became sad...
Czechia for research of a phenomenon European “ ours “ Has been chosen not casually - most full of all countries were sotslagerja, it up to May, 2000 remained besides and visa-free, on it as on sea coast, all waves of last Russian emigration were printed. At first here there have gone musicians, then hungry teachers and artists, then prikatila on black “ Mercedes “ Russian mafia in sports trousers, then it     has changed clothes in expensive suits, then and at all where - that has evaporated, having left instead of itself in “ hostages “ wives and children and coming to see them only on Sundays. After 2000 Russian emigration to Czechia has practically stopped, and has put here not only in a visa regime. Truth sounds a little patetichno, but: Russians have believed in the country. Some return outflow has begun even: those who has understood have left that in Prague unlike Moscow the big money not to earn. Who remained? Those who does not believe that probably to wash Russia, though they to wash it and did not try. “ let better the world will cave in under us! “ - one Russian visitor local the Internet - a forum has cynically formulated the position... All - taki those who speaks are right: Russia have left och - chen uneasy people...
Misters officers, blue princes...
Political emigration is a fashion of last time: at Yeltsin wishing to name itself “ political “ something was not observed.  
Logically, not London, and Prague where the staff - radio apartment " takes place should become the centre modern Russian dissidentstva; Freedom “. But is not present: journalist Andrey Babitsky in political meetings is not noticed. Berezovsky here like too never reached. Zakaev if came to visit the (in Czechia very many Chechens. - a bus) That behaved very silently. The only thing in Czechia the Russian political emigrant officially is Dima Lychev which have received in 2003 a refuge as the gay. When in March 2006 - go to Prague there came Putin, Dima, supporting the role, even acted on radio as the expert, very much on - dissident comparing our president to the Belarus.
- We with my husband Leshej have arrived to Prague in 1995 - m, - he has started to tell the story a voice of the happy spouse. - in 2000 I have written article that in Russia there comes an era gomofobov. And here have arrested Gusinsky...
- And what, Gusinsky too yours? - Why - that I was frightened.
- Yes is not present, not ours. It I am simple so, to a word... In 2000, in one of my arrivals to Moscow before Putin`s inauguration, to me with a search guys from Petrovka -   home have come; all   Handsome men such as one, till now I remember... Have confiscated my archive since 1990 when I only have started to be engaged in remedial activity. Thank God, the international passport and the train ticket to Prague were in other jacket! A unique exit was to ask a political refuge in Czechia. Has spent 22 days in camp for refugees. There there were many Ukrainians, they lodged in camp from - for the free medical insurance - some thus came to cut out a hernia. Azerbaijanians have threatened to kill me, having learnt that I the gay. The camp administration has told: these are your internal Soviet affairs... I have found refuge at once on two points: in - the first because was exposed to prosecutions, and in - the second, after returning to Moscow I was threatened with danger. In the world there are two basic harms: America which violates the rights of the people, and Russia where the rights of the person are violated, therefore my dreamboat - to see in Putin and Bush`s Hague tribunal, - Dima modestly admitted.
But hardly who else will want to occupy after it here a political emigrant ambry...
the Hotel is whole space!
Here it seems: in the conditions of a free-fall jump which for many emigration is, the person should search similar and show the best qualities. As though not so!

the Only thing in Czechia the Russian political emigrant recognises gay Dima Lychev.
- I do not communicate with Russian! - it is proud tells at a meeting every second of them if wants to seem the present European. Everywhere know: Chineses, Vietnameses, Armenians and Chechens will stick up the friend for the friend, but only not Russian, such here at us national tradition.
Journalist Marina Dobusheva, the responsible secretary of magazine “ Russian word “ has tried was to work in Russian collective of one Prague hostel: it is the ready play which can be put right now at theatre! So, the owner of hotel - the scientist from Baikonur, the conventional space genius. The salary therefore is calculated by subordinate under the long mathematical formula in which days are multiplied by clients. If at night the employee on duty falls asleep - the penalty is charged. It is impossible to sleep categorically because at the nights employees should advance a hotel site - stupidly, to exhaustion to click on computer keys and by that to lift a hotel rating. He the mathematician, it has counted all! Poor women have thought up difficult system of mirrors, that,   Having noticed, as the scientist in one socks is stolen on a ladder with the next check, quickly to lift a head and to make a clever kind. Marina Dobusheva not to sleep, wrote articles - then the space genius has developed the special computer program which read out electric impulses and allowed to restore completely on the screen the typed text... The world science has lost much, because eventually Marina has left hostel. Not from - for the space genius: has simply read once   those statements for work which in hunting behind free vacancy were brought in hotel by Russian emigrants. Who asked to the place of the manager on a reception, the rests from a breakfast which was eaten by tourists were the application to which small salary? Candidates of science, high quality experts and even children of diplomats! Sadly...
Probably, knowingly descendants of the first, poslerevoljutsionnoj emigration waves it is underlined do not communicate with representatives of all following waves. Motivating different: the first left for political reasons to overstay the times of troubles and to return, and children nurtured FOR Russia. The last recognised that life at the person one and to live it follows adequately and consequently dreamt of that their children have got lost in crowd and became foreigners. It will turn out at them or not, soon we learn. Probably, at parents of those Arabian teenagers that cars near Paris when - that aim past autumn burnt down there was the same.
Cats and Russian have exchanged in places
On the Prague Opera and ballet theatre you go, as on Big or Mariinsky theatre, without having time to throw extensively Russian “ Zdraste! “ - Sensation that all here has moved ours cultural - musical remote places. As it ridiculously sounds, but by estimations of the Czech Ministry of Labour, Czechia and now even more all needs opera singers, soloists of ballet and welders. The Russian welders of the happiness yet do not know, and here musicians and ballerinas were pulled here by the whole colonies. Partly also from - for uncountable posters with our surnames it seems that Russian spirit has captivated this country from edge and to edge. In practice emigration figures in Czechia look modestly: the statistics of the Russian embassy says that ours here all thousand 15. Actually, of course, it is more in times - thousand 100, it is not less. The most record emigrant indicators here it is shown not we, and Ukraine - approximately 250 thousand official emigrants plus inconceivable quantity of illegal immigrants. Ukrainians carry out also the manual labour, approximately as Tadjiks in Moscow. If you see in the evening in the underground of the dirty person who is falling asleep for weariness, safely speak to it: “ Yushchenko, so! “ - also look at reaction. Most likely, it will be inadequate... The Czech society in this connection cannot understand with a phenomenon " in any way; orange “ revolutions. A captivity of stereotypes: the Ukrainian guest workers (the husband - the builder, the wife - the cleaner) are not compared in any way in their consciousness with proud teleshots of the Kiev Maidan. The majority of Russians went here with money, therefore also image at them absolutely another. The typical Russian emigrant in perception of Czechs - almost the Englishman: he/she is the formed and expensively dressed snob with vulgar manners. And the typical Chechen - the timid and gentle modest man... In 2003, for example, local mass-media have fixed even such fact: the Chechen refugees went to the Prague representation of the United Nations to complain of Russian mafia which extorted money from poor Chechens, having united with a mafia Ukrainian. In last part of this statement it is believed less, than in the first as two slavonic people - Ukrainians and Russian, having arrived on a visit to the third, prefer not to communicate among themselves. The announcement which I have caught in one local newspaper: “ I Search for the nice student from Brnos constantly speaking on - ukrainski the request not to disturb “ - here even clings nobody: really, what can be the general at the Uzhgorod builder with the Petersburg engineer?
the Relation of Czechs to local Russian changed according to circumstances - from genetic love of the beginning of the century (the Czech president Masarik even has founded then special grants for Russian emigrants) to active dislike For 1968. At present there is a fragile balance - in many respects thanks to the prices for oil and gas and the general strengthening of a position of Russia. Anyway, if five years ago owners fairly responded the journalist of Czech radio Liboru Kukalu who tried to rent apartment for the Russian friend with a cat, by phone: “ the Cat - still all right, but here Russian... “ - also refused, now all occurs to the contrary. Cats and Russian have exchanged in places.