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In Moscow the huge parking place

the New intercepting parking is constructed will open in the end of June in podestakadnom space on Gagarin`s area.
For capital this huge parking is unique. Also it urged to help to solve a problem of autostoppers in the Moscow centre. Here can leave those cars who works within the Garden ring, but any more does not want to lose precious hours   in stoppers in the centre.  
the Gagarinsky area - one of the basic transport sites of Moscow (see the scheme) will Leave the car on new parking favourably, after all. From here it is easily possible to reach in the capital centre by the underground - station Leninsky prospect three minutes to a course.
And as much   to ground transport stops. Along the street Vavilov towards the centre trams 3 - go and 4 - go routes and the bus 2 go. And across Leninsky prospect - ten trolley buses and buses.
the Most tremendous that an autoparking have managed to construct so that it nobody has noticed - even     Leninsky prospect did not block. Means, it is possible to build in Moscow without overlapping of highways and creation of stoppers!
the Price - 10 roubles at an o`clock.
- the Parking not commercial, but municipal, - speaks the first deputy of the head of Department of a town-planning policy, development and reconstruction of Moscow Konstantin ROYAL. - in the afternoon it is intended for motor transport interception, and at the night of the area of a parking will give to the automobile owners living in nearby houses.
the Base tariff for using the Gagarinsky parking for Moscow is insignificant. And for day clients and for night It is planned no more than 10 roubles at an o`clock.  
the Parking will be with a car wash and service. In the future on a surface directly over parking plan to construct 12 - zalnyj a cinema, the business, trading and exhibition centres, cafe and even hotel. In parking place video observation systems will work, round the clock to be on duty protection.

the Parking is constructed underground, therefore on a map we could designate the approximate scheme of entrances - departures from highways, including through underground tunnels. Drivers! Watch indexes of outcomes of the site on Leninsk!
In Moscow already there is one intercepting parking at the Country outpost. But this experiment of authorities of the capital has appeared unsuccessful. To reach to a parking it is possible only through huge stoppers. Therefore Muscovites now do not use it.
90 similar parkings in total on 40 thousand mashinomest are going to construct the Moscow authorities the next ten years. Three quarters from these parking places will be in city centre.
25 sites under building are already allocated near to metro stations. Projects of four parkings at the underground River station VDNH Vyhino and Running are already almost ready.