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The president of Russia Vladimir Putin: While we here sit, in Moscow there is a fight against corruption

the International economic forum which has opened yesterday in St.-Petersburg, began kindly. It was the present Russian Davos. Were flied all vitse - prime ministers, ministers, governors, Advice of Federations actually with its full complement, representatives business - structures. Putin has joyfully informed participants that already there are no doubts - Russia left in number of world leaders on economy growth. It does not need any more loan and ahead of schedule repays debts. That is, as Putin on clear to economists language has noticed, we clear away balance for active attraction of investments. That contributed by accruing cooperation of the state and business. Representatives Russian business - the structures, sitting in a hall, it is vigorous zakivali, showing what not to co-operate with the state at them and in thoughts was not!
However, has not done without overlays. On award delivery Global energy (it has got to the chairman of Public chamber to academician Evgenie Velihov and its two foreign colleagues for working out of the thermonuclear reactor) one of the girls, giving to winners flowers, has fainted directly under feet the awarded. It seems that from the global over-expenditure of nervous energy. Presidential protection has there and then picked up it on hands and has carried away for side scenes. And in the heat of ceremony Putin has called up the chief of the report and has sent it to enquire after health of the suffered. The chief has returned with the good news: with the girl no trouble, feels already normally - the president has smiled.
And here to the Russian oligarchs it became fast not to fun. Last night the president, talking to the western businessmen about struggle against the Russian corruption, has suddenly informed: This work proceeds directly today when we here sit. Work goes, in particular, now in a hero town to Moscow .
Perhaps, now easy feel those oligarchs who were during this moment in St.-Petersburg can only. Though too not the fact.