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The head of Department of education of Moscow Love KEzina: In 10 - j a class should take all children!

yesterday on the Direct line in there came the main teacher of capital - Ljubov Petrovna Kezina. She An hour and a half responded to the most different calls of Muscovites. To someone consultation of the high-ranking official was necessary, to someone - the concrete help, and someone called simply to share a problem.
- Love of Petrovna! She is Ekaterina calls. I well know and I love mathematics. One of these days we wrote final in this subject. I have solved all tasks for 40 minutes. And even 5 hours of the teacher commas forced me to place, grammatical errors corrected. I some times copied work! And unless such errors influence an estimation on the mathematician?
- Is not present, grammatical and syntactic errors do not influence. But correct registration of work influences. Signs are not only in offers, but also in mathematical formulas. So it is normal, when mathematicians demand, that children very accurately made out the examination-paper. Obviously, teachers wanted, that from - for trifles which you could miss simply by a carelessness, the estimation has not appeared more low, than can be.
- this year the son ends 9 - j a class. He has decided to try to enter college. We learn results only in the end of August. Prompt, if suddenly it does not arrive, a leah can back return it to school and a leah have the right to us there to refuse?
- He will go to school. But if it will appear that in that educational institution where he studied before, already there is no place to it should offer other school nearby. In Moscow by the law it is defined - children should receive 11 - summer secondary education.
- That you mean under words there are no places at school ?
- we Will tell, at school of the two tenth class. On 25 persons in everyone. More pupils should not be on norms. The school has typed children from the ninth classes. At them it has turned out that in one 23, in other 22, the others have passed in other schools, colleges. And then on the remained 5 places type children from other schools. If the school types children more than it is necessary, the person on 18 - 20 then we force to open them the third class. But now it is improbable. In the country demographic a hole . Till 2008 we will reduce every year release from schools. Last year we let out almost 78 thousand 11 - klassnikov. And in they be 75 thousand. Now it is even less than ninth-graders, tenth-graders - too. And here the first classes we open the new. And kindergartens are overflowed. New kiddies grow up.
Continuation the Direct line read tomorrow, on June, 15th.