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On the Zamoskvoretsky branch of the underground trains

in the ninth o`clock in the evening in edition have stopped Yesterday our reader Alevtina Mihajlova has called:
- I just left the underground Paveletsky . For a train waited an hour and a half. To the people on a platform some hundreds have collected - not to breathe freely! Everyone stirred - even about act of terrorism and a collapse in a tunnel. And about five minutes ago to us on a loudspeaker at station have told: For technical reasons the request to use ground transport .
has urgently contacted a press - underground service. There to us have told about state of emergency on the Zamoskvoretsky line. Between stations Tver and Paveletsky semaphores which regulated movement of trains have broken. Fortunately, passengers should not be deduced upward from dark tunnels - at all did not disconnect a current on ways. Trains thin - poorly blindly held out to stations.  
In the same place the people strongly were nervous - under stories of the ill-fated passengers who have got at this time on Zamoskvoretsky, especially elderly Muscovites and parents with children worried.
Emergency works on a green branch have begun right after state of emergency. By the time of number signing in the underground movement has already been restored - truth, trains went with the big intervals.
In a press - service us have assured that all semaphores should repair already last night. And this morning Muscovites for work should reach without problems.