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At Nikolay Burljaeva have withdrawn SHevi - the Field ...

the President of the international film festival the Gold hero the national actor of Russia Nikolay Burljaev - obviously patriot. Unlike the majority of colleagues it uses a domestic car. Well almost: goes by an off-road car Chevrolet - the Field .

Alas, in affection in this stamp it is not lonely. The favourite of the actor parked at an entrance of the house on the Big Yakimanka, thieves have withdrawn.

- SHevi - the Field - one of the first in a rating   cars stolen in capital, - have informed us in Moscow criminal investigation department. - these cars more often withdraw under the order - they enjoy wide popularity on caucasus and in Central Asia.

In police station upset Burljaev has estimated the damage in 300 thousand roubles. Now Nikolay Petrovich looks for to itself the new car.


And At this time

... At Kerzhakova have stolen a jeep

Attacking Russian national team and Petersburg Zenith the third day has lost BMW X5

there are searches of a jeep attacking Zenith Alexander Kerzhakova. The sportsman has lost the heaped up foreign car on Wednesday. But till now a car it was not possible to find.

On silvery a game the football player has parked nearby to the house in Mountain street in the afternoon. And in the evening the car has missed. And itself has gone to write the application in militia. GAI officers have entered at once in a city the plan Interception however car thieves it was not possible to find.

On the next training Zenith Kerzhakov though kept the good fellow, joked and had fun, but on the person it was visible - the player is upset. Leah a joke - the machine of the football player not from cheap. Though and not absolutely new (2000 of release. - a bus comment) But costs about one million roubles.

to Make comments on incident the sportsman flatly has refused. After its training already waited worldly-wise office club Ford .

Who from sportsmen has lost an off-road car?

the Sport Year the Car
Victor Onopko football 1995 Mitsubishi Padzhero
Andrey Tikhonov football 2000 Toyota Land Cruiser
Oleg Romantsev football 2001 Lexus
Sergey Monja basketball 2005 BMW X5
Ruslan Nigmatullin football 2006 Toyota Land Cruiser
Alexey Meleshin football 2006 Lexus