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Singers White ships have not gone blind nearly from spotlights

In last days off in Lyubertsy marked the City Day. Probably, the budget at organizers was small and saved on all: have invited not so expensive (on the size of fees) actors, have put far not the best equipment. The longest   the program was at beginning to get popularity of group Lifting! (sing armejsko - malyshkovyj a rap White ships . - Red.) .

As musicians speak:

- We longer others on a scene were under powerful spotlights.

Result - a burn of the person and an eye.

In MNTK eye Microsurgery a name of academician S.N.Fedorova burnt   have diagnosed electric kseroftalmija (and on - simple - a cornea burn) also have appointed treatment.

- To us with such diagnosis patients after a solar eclipse when people, without protecting eyes were in large quantities converted, looked at a shining sun, - have told to us in clinic.

On repeated reception at all Lifting! on persons on the right side, whence beat spotlights,   the skin - as after a strong solar burn was shelled. To patients sick-lists have prolonged. But doctors are assured that sight at actors already soon completely will be restored.

Victims are going to bring an action against administration Ljuberets.

By the way, we have rung round ljuberetskie recreation centres - their children`s collectives too took part in that feast. But kiddies acted or in the afternoon when spotlights did not work, or in the evening, but with short programs. On a scene small actors were not for long, and their sight, fortunately, has not suffered. So claims to organizers of a feast are only at group Lifting! .