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The woman and erektilnaja dysfunction - two things not joint?

there is a problem which is capable to destroy the strongest mutual relations, to break the most loving and solid family. What it for a problem and why representatives of a strong half of mankind shamefully give in, without daring to name it aloud? certainly, it is inability to satisfy the woman - bravely declares Dzherri the Hall, trampling on traditional restraint in questions of female sexuality. A top - model, the actress, the TV presenter and the writer, Dzherri the Hall - a true embodiment of the modern woman trampling on century prejudices, and woman safely speaking about an intimate aspect of life.

Detstvo Dzherri Holl seldom pleased the girl - the father drank much and often beat it, mother and sisters. Early having matured, the girl from the American remote places has gone to submit Paris. Also has succeeded! The high, harmonous blonde with a smart fair hair to a belt has appeared in due time in a proper place - very soon she has started to earn thousand dollars as successful model. In 20 years Dzherri meets the person with whom will spend the next twenty years of the life, will give birth to four children and will not receive that female happiness to which each woman aspires. This person - sir Mik Jagger, the graven image of world fate, the person asserting that conjugal ties give rise at it to claustrophobia attacks.

Failure in home life has not broken Dzherri. The hall works on television, at theatre much, the film acts in. In 1984 left and there was the best seller its first book - the autobiography Tall Tales . The name of Dzherri the Hall becomes a successful brand. Have made furore of statement with participation of Dzherri the Hall Society Release and scandalous vagina Monologues .

From a scene and from a TV screen of Dzherri the Hall speaks about undercover, latent desires and sensations of the woman which the public opinion persistently refused to it not an extent of many centuries. vagina Monologues it is not simple performance, this social phenomenon , - confirmed Dzherri, anticipating triumphal procession of performance on world scenes.

the Hall absolutely freely declares Dzherri the sexuality. Moreover, she safely speaks about the most painfull question of intimate mutual relations - a man`s inconsistency and a female dissatisfaction. It seems that the queen of sex it is not by hearsay familiar with this problem which will painfully wound hearts of millions women. What to do to the woman, if at its partner of a problem with a potentiality, so-called erektilnaja dysfunction?

- Of such cases of the woman, as a rule, start to accuse itself. They think that look bad, do not raise the man, something not so do in bed. But has put at all in the woman, and that experts name erektilnoj dysfunction. More often we do not dare even to admit to ourselves how we do not have no sated intimate life. And after all the woman by the nature is much more sexual, than the man. Its sexuality is more various, neutomimee, it has no age frameworks. Also it is truth which cannot be hidden. Therefore a problem of a man`s potentiality - a problem of a two. It it is possible and it is necessary to discuss. With it it is possible and it is necessary to struggle. How? Actually, very simply. The reference to the skilled doctor.

Presently the medicine has the broadest choice of the means allowing the man not to feel lonely in the face of the painfull phenomena, encroaching on its courage. Experts confirm: 80 % of cases erektilnoj to dysfunction give in to treatment. Modern effective methods allow to return not only possibility of high-grade intimate life, but to make its even more various and bright, than before. On a site na - senovale. ru, on the Hot line 8 - 800 - 200 - 10 - 15 or in a drugstore, having asked about Packing with a spark It is possible to learn in detail about such method at which the proof effect comes in 10 minutes and does not faint after food intake or a small dose of alcohol. This working out which was already reputable for doctors and patients all over the world, gives to pair a maximum level of possibilities in achievement of mutual satisfaction.

Dzherri the Hall - the natural blonde, however it not from those whom sex interests only. Being the lover of the exact sciences, the former supermodel with IQ = 146 is the constant subscriber of a scientific tabloid of New York Times, and also such editions, as New Scientist and Scientific American. The hall studies the humanities at Correspondence University (Open University), and recently was fond of poetry. only the satisfied woman can open completely the numerous talents - the star considers.