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Lena Lenin has opened intimate secrets of the Russian multimillionaires

the Russian beauty Known in France, the model, the journalist and the actress Lena Lenin has written the book “ Multimillionaires “. In it she tells about fifteen billionaires, among which Michael Friedman (“ the Alpha - groups “), Vladimir Potanin (“ Interros “), Vahid Alakbarov (“ Lukoil “), Alexander Abramov (“ Evrazholding “), Igor Makarov (“ Itera “), Boris Bobrovnikov (“ KROK “) And others.
“ I very much would like to acquaint the reader with the real world of billionaires, with their vital difficulties and dangers - a mafia and kidnepingom, with extravagant expenses and entertainments, yachts and planes. To show that among them there are brilliant, cleverest and strongest people who built the business “from zero” and can excite on the example others, at all without realising it, on creation of capitals and professional growth “ - has told Lenin on smart presentation of the book in shopping centre “ Siti Moll Crocus “.
In free from shootings in French a current - show, advertising of underwear and jewelry time the stylish blonde has had time to reduce a close acquaintance with many “ the mighty of this world “. Has received interesting particulars about the world of luxury and generously covered with them “ success stories “ The billionaires, resulted in the new book.
Yachts, limousines, brilliants, hours with turbijonami, Ferrari and Tiffani. Ambitions and adventurism, good luck and risk, the criminal beginning of business and family values, intrigues of businessmen, their charming companions and the sums spent for their maintenance, - all aspects of private life of millionaires are in detail accessible to readers.