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the Beacon on radio-wave peak

the Most popular is no time radio station again it has appeared on the first line of ratings and now is not going to hand over the positions.

It really success! For the first time for all history of existence FM - radio stations the State broadcasting company the Beacon with more than 40 - summer history has risen on the first line of the Moscow rating.

Probably, not last role in it following event has played: last year for the first time (!) In reply to a question: What do you listen on radio more often? - people responded - not music and jokes, and news!

- We have created very serious information infrastructure, - the director " speaks; the Beacon Sergey Kurohtin. - On information radio it is impossible to work, as on musical FM - stations where one - two persons read news from a tape of news agencies. Our correspondents should be everywhere where there are events, - in Moscow, in the country, abroad. The information station is inconceivable without an exclusive is essentially. More often the Beacon informs on any incident before everything, and then this news referring to us appears on tapes an inform - agencies. And still we on the Beacon we are proud of that to us almost the only thing was possible to save a genre of the radio reporting which allows to inform to investigators not only the information, but also emotions. For us it too is very important.

Our nearest plan - completely to transform the Beacon in information radio station on FM - a range!

What to listen on the Beacon

Author`s musical programs.

the Leader of each of them - a solid figure in the area. musical sounds investigators are represented by Alexander Zhurbin working on the Broadway. The program about bardovskoj for music prepares and Timur Shaov - one of the most original executors conducts. Gleb Skorohodov makes the program about music history under the name Mjuzik - a hall . And - excellent news! - now a beacon finishes negotiations with Andrey Makarevichem. It will present to investigators the program the Car of my time - about music which it is possible to name anyhow neformat but about which, certainly, it is necessary to speak.

the Most polemic

is a program Dialogue - the deputy director of radio station Alexander Zlobin confirms. - the Main idea - to give the chance to investigators to express the opinion on the air on the hottest subjects of day. Collision of these opinions, dispute are interesting. And the leader here - the participant of polemic equal in rights.

On each program edition receives from one and a half thousand to seven thousand calls!

People sometimes are surprised, how we it allow to criticise it on air of the state radio of the power of any levels. But actually the requirement at us one - investigators can defend the opinion as much as hotly, but as much as possible correctly and validly in relation to the rests.

When to listen: on weekdays with 14. 15 and till the end of this hour.

Morning in everyday life...

the Morning information program Exact time .

- Accuracy, reliability, punctuality - the program motto, - are told by program director Andrey Nozdrevatyh. - Here everyone will find something on the taste: news of all directions each fifteen minutes, direct inclusions and reportings from places of events, comments of experts, reviews, the poster and a historical calendar.

Each heading has the person. Authors of a historical calendar, for example, the historian Tamara Eidelman and writer Peter Aleshkovsky. And the review the Internet - sites is written by Alex Exler, whose name is closely connected with Runet history. The program fad - accuracy in all: duration - no more than three minutes, also there are they during certain time to within a second. Constant investigators synchronise watches on favourite headings.

When to listen: every week-day with 6. 00 to 9. 00.

. And days off

Morning show of the days off - we Will have a rest till Monday .

Here and an information heading the String-bag of news - materials of correspondents from all regions of an announcement the Beacon ; amusing messages in a heading the Lefthander - about unusual records and funny things. For hazardous people there are games: intellectual - a Terra of Inkognita and we pay the life .

When to listen: on days off with 7. 00 to 9. 00.

Where to listen in Moscow: FM 103. 4 FM; VHF 67. 22 mgts; SV 549 kgts; DV 198 kgts; the Second button a broadcasting network.

Materials of an aether and on - line an announcement on a site http:// www. radiomayak. ru