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To leave to Russia or to remain with Moldova?

in day of voting of all driving to Dnestr region the toughened frontier control waited.   the international observers has arrived about one and a half hundreds - basically from the CIS countries and some European states. Though Moldova, EU and OSCE already declared in advance that do not consider a referendum lawful and results it are not going to recognise.
Tiraspol looked festively: well-groomed beds, everywhere flags,   propaganda posters. We have taken an interest, a leah the last are infringement of rules, after all, as it is known, in day of voting pre-election propaganda materials are forbidden.
- No trouble in posters I do not see, - Andrey TSERNE, the president of the International public organisation " has explained; Patrija Moldova . - They do not urge to vote for the certain person. To the international rules   it does not contradict.
On plebiscite two questions are taken out:
1. A leah you support a course on independence PMR and the subsequent free joining to the Russian Federation?
2. A leah you possible consider refusal of independence with the subsequent occurrence in structure of Moldova?
the First person of the state Igor Smirnov has entered into a building of the Palace of Republic with the spouse under sounds of a Dnestr hymn. Has smiled to the woman with the child. Has then communicated to journalists.
- Personally I have voted for the created state with the political and economic system, - he has told. - to recognise this referendum or not to recognise - business of each state. I have voted for independence and I believe, the population most part too. And who against... - Here Smirnov has made a pause. - well, I respect also such opinion...  
Preliminary results of a referendum become known today. Under forecasts, the majority will vote for independence of Moldova and the subsequent joining to Russia. The population appearance on a referendum at the moment of number signing was high.