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What privileges are put to working students

1. A leah It is possible to study at two faculties or in two high schools at once?
Yes. The federal law About the higher and poslevuzovskom vocational training (from August, 22nd, 1996 125 - FZ) it does not forbid. But the guarantees put under the law and indemnification (see more low) you receive only once.
2. A leah is privileges at working students?
Yes. To the employee who combines study on correspondence or an evening department with work, at its desire the reduced working week can be established. During clearing of work 50 percent of the average salary, but not below the minimum wage rate are necessary.  
3. A leah Should provide high school with textbooks zaochnikov and night-school students?
Yes. Students of state high schools irrespective of mode of study have the right to use free of charge libraries and information funds, that is can count on full maintenance with all kinds of manuals (item 5 of item 16 FZ).
4. What to do, if the heads or a work involving all hands on work does not allow to pass examinations in time?
Settle this problem in high school. Usually such affairs considers zamdekana on study. And if you on good to the bill to you almost for certain will meet and find the conciliatory proposal. If is not present, most likely, will earn summary punishment for absence on examination in the put term.
5. Educational holiday How much lasts?
According to the Labour code students of the high schools combining training with work, have the right to educational holiday. Thus for the pupil the employee saves its average   the salary.
But to receive holiday, it is necessary:
successfully to study (that is not to have debts) on correspondence or an evening department;
it should be the first higher education;
the educational institution should have state accreditation.
As to duration of holiday:
for passing examinations on 1 - m and 2 - m courses - for 40 calendar days during all period of training on each course;
on the third and each of the subsequent courses - for 50 calendar days;
for preparation, protection of the thesis and delivery of total state examinations - 4 months;
for delivery only total state examinations - 1 month.
the Employer is obliged to grant leave and to the worker - to the entrant, and the investigator of preparatory branches - 15 klendarnyh days. However, the no-charge.
6. A leah It is possible to transfer session?
Only military men - contract employees have on this right. In other cases - to the discretion of high school. Many educational institutions give the chance to pass examinations ahead of schedule, for successes in study, and also to nonresident students - zaochnikam.
7. For what can deduct?  
for poor progress;
for misconduct (for example if within a year to it 3 reprimands have been declared);
if study on paid branch - for non-payment;
for occurrence in high school in a status of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication;
for fulfilment of immoral acts (roughness concerning teachers, fight and etc.) .
deduction of students is not supposed during their illness, vacation, the academic holiday or holiday on pregnancy and sorts.
If the student considers that him have illegally expelled, it can appeal against against such decision:
at the rector of high school;
to be converted into state body, in whose conducting there is a high school;
in court.
8. A leah can be the second higher education free?
Is not present. An exception - only for the military men transferred to the reserve after 15 years of service, on a state of health or in connection with organizational - regular actions.