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The mountain ash treats and protects

In the people believed that the berries collected in this day, leaves and tree branches get special curative and wonderful properties. On a broader scale the mountain ash long since was considered as a symbol of happiness, matrimonial love and the consent in the house. Brushes and branches used as a protection frame from evil spirit, from a tree cut out daggers for children and turned rings - oberegi for brides, did spoons and bowls. And still the mountain ash is a unique herb and excellent raw materials for tasty and useful dishes and drinks.
How to collect
Gathering is better for beginning at midnight when behind the back of everyone there is a good angel.
On each tree it is necessary to leave about one third of berries for birds.
Mountain ash brushes for protection of the house from powers of darkness.
to Insert brushes in the evening between window frames. From that day when day will begin to decline, they will preserve your dwelling.
to Hang up over an input - then the sorcerer and the person with bad intentions cannot enter through a door.
In an ambry or other secluded place to establish a mountain ash dagger or to put a cross of a branch of a tree that in the house the lightning has not struck.
the Medicine for all illnesses
Long since the mountain ash was used as means for healing of wounds, a medicine from female illnesses, children`s slackness and a senile infirmity . Now berry broths and infusions apply at   treatment of an avitaminosis, rheumatism, a salt exchange, an atherosclerosis and other diseases.
At an elevated pressure, a diabetes, brain angiospasms do infusion: a table spoon of a mountain ash to fill in with a boiled water glass for 60 minutes, to filter and drink during the day for half an hour to meal.
At an avitaminosis and an anaemia drink 3 times a day for half an hour to meal on a quarter of a glass of mountain ash broth which prepare so: kg of mature berries fill in with litre of water and cook, while the mountain ash does not become soft, then filter through a sieve and cool.
Make a fruit candy
1 kg of berries, 700 g sugar. To crush berries, to cover and put in an oven on average heat. Only juice - to mix will start to be allocated. When   berries become soft, to take out from an oven, to wipe through a sieve, to cool, shake up, constantly adding sugar until it completely will not be dissolved. The shaken up weight to lay out on protiven, covered with a paper, and to dry on air.
Oberegi from a malefice and a nightmare
If your kid in the street often praise, put in a carriage a branch of a mountain ash or a small dagger.
Before going to bed, outline a branch near itself a circle is will rescue you from a night asthma, terrible images and a sleeplessness which is sent by evil spirit.