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Bad predictions it is possible to reprogram

Some times Olga heard from girlfriends as at them predictions come true. It was interesting to listen to these stories, but it is serious it to them did not concern.
- As - that time, having given in on arrangements, I have gone also to the fortuneteller, - Olga tells. - sharp-eyed, bright babulja has told, that I of the first have come on a session . From all foretold has remembered only the information on grooms. The fortuneteller has told that there will be it at me from apart, to be exact - from - for the seas. Whether the seaman, whether the foreigner. Also there was soon at me a guy - the real seaman. The senior mechanic on a vessel went to swimmings. Have lived almost three years, but have left. I then have thought that the granny has deceived me. But one year ago has married for the promised from - for the seas - my husband from Israel. Then still guessed, and again all has come true. So I have understood that jasnovidenie exists. But here in what a hitch: earlier to me only the good guessed, and if there will be a bad prediction how to react? A leah it is possible to make so that bad predictions did not come true?
the Sorcerer by the right of a birth Vladimir the CONSERVATIVE:
How much fortunetellers - are so much and forecasts
- Bad predictions to reprogram it is possible. Accurately registered future is not present, there is a set of probable lines of destiny. One are closer, others further - the probability of their display depends on it and in real life. If you do not want, that there was an event which to you have foretold, it is necessary to remove this probability far away from a real line of life. How it to make? There are many ways. For example, the magician can neutralise this probability or make protection against a negative. It is possible even peregadat! Each clairvoyant snatches out only some probable lines while another can find others.

the Fortuneteller has foretold to Jeanne the All-Russia glory.
Singer Jeanne FRISKE:
To me have foretold that I will be a witch
- I never special value gave to guessings, but left so that at me one prediction has come true. I did not aspire then to guess at all as - that by itself has turned out. Together with the girlfriend on the Christmas eve have come to the gipsy, and she has suggested to tell fortune. Then I yet was not the known singer, but she has seen that I am am expected by the big success, and among other predictions has told a mysterious phrase for me: It is necessary to you to visit a witch, but it is short . I have remembered this prediction when me have invited to a role of a witch in a film Night watch . Has come true after all! Though then I also could not assume that the prediction about a witch will have pleasant implied sense.
If and to you there were such wonderful cases, write about it of a leading heading to Elena Burtsevoj on the electronic address: elenabur@rol. ru