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To be engaged in love magic it is life-threatening

the Meeting with the sorcerer
- in the childhood I have appeared the witness of the history which once and for all has defined my interest to everything, falling outside the limits a habitual reality, - the power therapist, the candidate fiziko - mathematical sciences Stanislav CHAIRKIN tells. - Me was years seven when parents have sent me for all summer to the grandmother in village. The second part of the house was occupied with the old woman using ill fame of the sorcerer. I have arranged for the old woman the present shadowing through wide enough crack in a wall. And once at night I was woken by voices. The old woman talked to Njurkoj - the dissolute, becoming an inveterate drunkard woman. Last counted the crumpled money. And the old woman thus told the following: Consider, the maid, all will be, as want. But if to it though a word about it you will tell - do not judge too severely. Yourself you will ruin, and to me the harm will be .
speaking in beard not clear words, it has shown Njurke the palm on which a second later there was something like a small whirlwind. Vedmino the person all became more intense, mutter all nerazborchivee, and a whirlwind all vidimee, more densely, gradually turning to foggy egg turning round own axis - hardly more duck. In the heart of it any pictures flashed.   ask quickly that wanted! - the sorcerer has whispered. Njurka something has murmured, and immediately egg was poured by heavy crimson light, has flashed and has disappeared.
And after three days in village there was an improbable history on the scandalousness. The chairman of collective farm - the serious person,
the perfect husband and the father of four children - has deserted the family and, having collected a small suitcase, in the face of all has moved to Njurke. This wild the novel Has lasted almost all the summer long. But once all night long in Njurkinom the house there was a wine party. Obviously, owing to quantity drunk it has relaxed and, assured in love the roommate, has told to it, having broken an interdiction of the old woman, about a love spell. Reaction was instant and amazing: in the same second absolutely sobered up chairman in horror has jumped out of bed Njurkinoj where they luxuriated, and in one underwear, in the face of all village, has rushed home!
Speak, later he told about the sensations during the period dichajshego the novel with Njurkoj. The feeling at the chairman was such as though someone has put on to it a head an invisible helmet and through it operated it, as the robot.   Njurka it is very fast after that scandal it was hung up. And the old woman has died of a serious illness.
Virus attack on destiny
- This history - the classical example of punishment for rough intervention in destiny of the person, for violence over its person, - is considered by power therapist Chairkin. - the Mechanism of this punishment to parapsychologists is known for a long time. That is why experts the increasing alarm is called by general and mad hobby for love magic. Among the overwhelming majority of people, and women in particular, it why - that is considered harmless . A leah So it? And a leah so innocent employment not only to charm the person, but even as it is offered by many modern sorcerers, to return the run away husband? We will try to understand love spell process at level of a power information exchange. To make it it is easy, as in power sphere the same laws, as in the physicist more often operate. For example, such law, as force of action is equal to force of counteraction . I will explain that it means.
the Natural thread of human destiny develops of weight of power factors: thoughts of mother when the child is in bowels, relations to it of associates when he is born and grows up, own emotions and experiences. In general, the person develops, moulds the destiny. And suddenly on its power information field rough attack is made! Violently someone`s malicious will as though vpechatyvaet information a parcel with the maintenance, categorically not entered in a power sex of person. It is similar to intrusion a virus in the computer program. And what occurs to that to whom in a back, let us assume, throw a cobble-stone? The person falls, having received a serious trauma. a cobble-stone the power calls the same effect. And than obemistee it, the more the alien information for the person contains, especially skilful hand it is started the it is heavier than a consequence. And very few people knows about the punishment mechanism for this innocent a sin which is considered almost as " more often; justice restoration . Moreover ostensibly for the sake of happiness and well-being
the person on whom the love spell is directed.
the Co-chairman of the Russian association of sexologists, the candidate of medical sciences of Dilja ENIKEEVA: It is usual hypnotic manipulation
- However many those who names itself magicians or sorcerers obscured, the solution is simple: magic influence sometimes directly is connected with suggestion in a status of a trance or easy hypnosis. The person entered even in an easy hypnotic status, is obedient to an ox of suggestion owning methods. By the way, the grandma could know that behind it the boy peeps, therefore and it could be in a status of the changed consciousness. There is enough to the sorcerer to tell: Only I can remove a celibacy crown to charm favourite, to remove damage, and you go only to me, bring every week on 100 dollars, and there will be to you a happiness! - and the unfortunate woman has got in a drag-net from which it, not to escape. Words sorcerers values have no, that is manipulation is important. As a result of it psychological dependence which sometimes can tragically end is formed.