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Bread not always on a pocket

More quarters of inhabitants of the country at times do not suffice a quarter of Russians money for bread. At 10 % interrogated the such happens often, at 19 % - is rare. Such is result of poll spent by fund Public opinion (FOM). About constant or incidental shortage of money for purchase wheaten a brick tell 38 % of inhabitants of villages, 31 % - small cities, 16 % - megacities and 10 % of Muscovites.
And in the course of time the number of the Russians who do not have possibilities to eat of bread a lot of, does not become less. As well as in last year`s poll THOMAS, 70 % of citizens say that never are in financial difficulties at visitation of bakeries.
Only 58 % of citizens of Russia at bread purchase do not look at price lists. Always consider cost of 36 % interrogated, and 9 % at all do not buy a white loaf.
By the way, more recently Rosstat has published the data that for the last half a year at Russians incomes - already on 22,9 % have promptly grown! There is a question how at such prompt universal enrichment the quarter of citizens on - former is experienced by difficulties with bread purchase?
- Yes because the statistics gives averaged data, - the supervisor of studies of the Center of social researches and innovations Evgenie GONTMAHER speaks. - it is necessary to look At growth of incomes not plainly as it do in Rosstate, and stereoskopicheski. The matter is that at 30 - 40 percent of the population incomes grow symbolically. Inflation for poor is both state employees, and pensioners - above, than for other levels of population. Here look: separately the prices for medicines, bread, the same sugar have grown much more, than inflation which officially gives the statistican. The same vegetables and fruit are not become cheaper in the summer, as the government expected. From here and that big percent of Russians, which bread loaf not always on a pocket.
And on what money does not suffice you?
Irina KHAKAMADA, the politician:
- On a summer residence in Barvikha. Not under the budget to stop in five-stars hotels. And here on life in Moscow suffices.
Alexander DUGIN, the philosopher:
- very much would like, that in the country there was a social justice and national greatness. For this purpose   there are too many barriers, and to clean them it is possible only by means of revolution. Here on it, on revolution, money also does not suffice me!
Konstantin BOROVOJ, the businessman, the politician:
- I consider that to Russia the present nazism approaches. It is necessary to explain to everything, what is it - nazism. If I had spare cash, I would spend them for educational activity.
Alexander MALJASHIN, the director of a bookshop, Voronezh:
- I, strangely enough, do not have money for books. I collect ancient editions, and my hobby eats it is a lot of means.
Nikolay KURJANOVICH, the deputy, the committee-man of the State Duma on security:
- Without   a bluff, the budget should be corrected often, as a rule, at the expense of meal.   To the relatives I help, though I consider myself as the person of an average prosperity.
the Lion of GOLDFINCHES, the sexopathologist, the doctor of medical sciences, the professor, St.-Petersburg:
  - On average pleasures money suffices me, and here on high pleasures (any yachts, the country houses, superexpensive cars) - are not present.
Yury the OHOCHINSKY, national actor of Russia, St.-Petersburg:
- Money does not suffice constantly. Here has now bought new apartment, and in dreams - a good foreign car. But while on it means are not present.
Igor Nikolaev, the director of Department of the strategic analysis of company FBK:
  - It is just necessary to earn more. Here many say that them does not suffice on meal. Certainly, will come to shop, will see all assortment, and to buy - that all it will not turn out.
Andrey HOVRIN, the lieutenant colonel:
- does not suffice on the son. To us do not allow to adopt under the law malchonku - the living space is small. Would be on one and a half metre more - it`s OK. One and a half metre there are in Moscow 3000 dollars. Here such arithmetics.
Kostja, the reader of a site WWW. :
- I do not have not enough money for the international passport! And in Russia to sit already forces is not present...