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Konstantin Habensky: I Will leave actors if it turns to work

Day has stood out very much even approaching, solar. Though weather forecasters promised cloudy and a rain. Were mistaken. Sometimes it pleases, because we should go for a drive an hour and a half on the rivers and channels in Konstantin Habensky`s company. And he showed kinds of our city.
I always on communication with Petersburg
the Meeting have appointed at Big Drama Theatre where just these days with the renotice take place tours MHT: Habensky now the well-known actor of the well-known theatre. Though Konstantin about it sneers:
- Me as - that have asked, a leah I test thrill, standing on the glorified scene. Yet there was no also it to test! I and so have tested much, much have taken out...
At last and the film-making brigade has approached, and Habensky has come on foot from the located nearby new hostel. In a white T-shirt with an inscription macho, jeans, at beautiful hours, very lovely and kind. Were loaded into a minibus and we go on street Rubinshtejna. Long we go along it led by the leader of Indians Habensky. It has appeared, we search for a suitable place for interview.
- were not tired? - The actor of the operator who dragged the heavy film-making technics has carefully asked.
we Leave on quay of Fontanka around the bridge with horses of Klodta. Habensky has unexpectedly offered... To employ river tramvajchik. Itself has agreed about the price, itself has paid and has chosen a route.
- Probably, on open water in a gulf we will not leave, so we will drive. Will suffice you an hour and a half? - Has specified at journalists. Also has explained a place choice: - Usually, when I left theatre Lensoveta and went then on Rubinshtejna, the street was silent and deserted. But then I have remembered that same there was an evening! And now, in the afternoon, it is too much to people.
It is known that Habensky not so - that trusts correspondents (though once and itself has played the journalist) and is easy can politely otshit . But this time the actor was pacified.
- a leah sadly without Petersburg?
- I not for such big term leave. And always on communication with Petersburg. I call up to friends, with the native.
- And how forces distribute?
- In any way I do not distribute. It is necessary to live simply. Though... It is possible so to say: concentration in an operating time and conservation of energy in life. Though not always so in life it turns out.
- And how to concentrate?
- Stanislavsky wrote about attention circles : big, average and small.
- And you now in what?
- On the average. But it is ready to the big.
For me theatre - pleasure

In life Konstantin not so loves the big concourses. And in a film In movement has brilliantly played the party-goer - journalist Sashu Gurjev. (In a shot it with Lena Perovoj.)
It is shown on any Petersburg beauty:
- simply stopped time!
- I hope, you in good sense speak about stopped time ? - It is slightly frightened Habensky. - Time after all stops after death!
- And what season love most of all?
- I Think that September. Indian summer.
- Now it is so much work how you transfer it?
is a work, transfer - do not transfer. Also it is all - taki better, than to sit on one place or to lie on a new sofa. After all it is easier and easier - to lie. It is so natural to the person. I will not tell that I would like often it, but sometimes it is necessary.
- And how today it was slept, after performance?
- has this morning woken up that someone looks in a window. And at me the second floor! It has appeared, children painted a building.
- To clubs go, on Neva walk?
- I not so love the big concourses... Sometimes I walk both on Neva. And in other cities. Not always you are in a ready state to love or hatred displays.
- What temptations of an actor`s trade?
- For some the first temptation - money. Other temptation - to repeat from a role in a role. It is easier after all to find convenient priemchiki and to duplicate them. Many and do. Happens, the spectator once will come to theatre and more never comes back, because it is impossible to look at the actor with well put voice and a cold nose for which theatre it is simple work. And such it is a lot of. For me theatre - pleasure. When I will understand that it turns to work, maybe, I will leave. We were learnt always by the master (Veniamin Filshtinsky, the teacher of Theatrical university in Petersburg. - a comment red.) : Find forces to leave a trade!
I Love the bridge which is not dissolved
When during conversation there has come a pause, ask Konstantin, a leah is a pity to it to waste time on so long walk at the height of the working day.
- But I promised to give interview, - with the soft smile the actor has responded. It seems that it has started to take pleasure in an event. And under own initiative has told about those places by which we floated.
- Here in this place it is always audible, as guides speak to tourists: Look to the right, it is the Museum - Pushkin`s apartment. Look on the left - here there lives Michael Sergeevich Seigniorial! and it is a bar Snowstorm here every night mark New year, and in the next hall play weddings. And this ship during one flooding by water has washed ashore. And on to the Aurora I acted in film recently, and to us have allowed to give one volley.
- And what for a film? - We have not restrained.
- And here it cannot while be spoken... Still here go for a drive ekstremalshchiki, are dispersed on boats and slip between a board Auroras and a chain. A joke know? When during revolution a city there have left all Jews, there was only one old Jew - the Aurora the Cruiser.
And yonder - the bridge of lieutenant Schmidt. It recently have closed on repair, nearby have constructed temporary and named it the son of lieutenant Schmidt . I as - that went, I hear: Now we will go on to the son .  
- So what your favourite bridge?
- what is not dissolved yet! You Come back home and on one still you have time to slip. And it becomes at once such warm, such native! If was late, it is good to justify was. And now everything, Petersburg an excuse any more does not work.
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