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Jokes in number

the Nurse:
- So, the patient, will suffice to watch TV! It is time in a bed.
- and us will not catch?
- You on love married or by calculation?
- by nonsense.
Football is when all look, how 22 millionaires play a ball.
the Husband - the wife:
- You when will wash my shirts?
- and what itself you will not wash?
- because washing is a female business.
- yes? And so: I - the feminist also consider now that men and women are absolutely equal. And I want, that you were converted with me accordingly!
- has understood. Then you will help me the piano on the second floor to drag?
Vovochka home Comes.
- Well as affairs in school? - Parents ask.
- represent, today Marvanna read us a poem on Pugachevoj with Kirkorov!
- Yes you that, Vovochka! - parents are surprised. - well - ka, read it to us.
Vovochka begins:
- Zajku the mistress has thrown...
Give us the fourth transport ring - we and will fill it with stoppers!
the Driver in the centre of Moscow asks y the passer-by how to drive on the Garden ring.
- the shortest way - now on the left, and then on paid avtobanu.
- What is this paid avtoban? - The driver is surprised.
- journey there on a broader scale - that is forbidden. And GAI always costs. You pay the penalty and you go.
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