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How to win court against GAI officers?

from me have withdrawn the rights ostensibly for an unaccordance of advantage to the car with spetssignalom. Business at once have passed in court. On the first hearing the inspector of traffic police was not. Have appointed the second. A leah there can be I on it in connection with illness of the child? And how to operate further?
Oksana Mikljaeva.
Having presented in advance before the appointed date of court a sick-list copy, you will be considered not was in court for a good reason. In this connection new date of hearing will be appointed.
After two months (from the date of drawing up of the report about day of removal of the decision) the world judge is obliged to release you from administrative punishment in connection with the expiry of the term of prescription of bringing to account.
That is still important. As you did not have an analysis group, and business was passed at once to the world judge, it is transgression. About it you have the right to make the complaint to the chief of department of the traffic police which employee withdrew the driver`s licence. It you too will win time.
Before consideration of your complaint the court cannot make the decision on the merits of the case.
What to do to the driver, if on a radar another`s speed?
Went on a city, without exceeding the established restrictions of speed - 60 km at an o`clock (knew that on this site always there is a GAI officer with a radar). All the same jumps out one of - for bushes, stops and shows on a radar of 84 km/ hour. I have minded that it is not my speed. On what the GAI officer has responded: Really your foreign car cannot quickly go?
Have made the report where I have again disagreed with indications. Have appointed analysis in GAI where actually no analysis will exist, and will simply write out the penalty, I by experience know it. How to prove the case?
Rustam Nurutdinov.
Stand that on a radar not your speed. And in Constitution item 49, and in item 1. 5 KoAP of the Russian Federation the principle of a presumption of innocence according to which the inspector is obliged to accuse with deep arguments the citizen is fixed, and you are not obliged to justify.
If on a radar, except figures with speed and time of its definition, there is no data identifying the indications of a radar with your car more, think, at you good chances to avoid not merited punishment.
to Whom to bear the statement for stealing?
Has returned from holiday and has not found the car on a place. Where to bear the statement for stealing of a car and what to specify in it?
the Statement for stealing moves in OVD in a place of your residence. The person on duty on OVD will direct you to the inspector on duty or the investigator, which will prompt how correctly to write the application, proceeding from circumstances of your business.
After decision removal about excitation of criminal case upon stealing the certified copy of this decision or the inquiry of the inspector on business excitation will carry in tax inspection.
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