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We rent apartment on - new

Autumn - a heat of a rent season, so demand on inexpensive (from $550 - $700) habitation increases. In this pursuit there are cases, when applicants for the same apartment a little. And directly in apartment auction begins - the one who can pay more expensively will remove. And there is no guarantee that the owner of apartment since New year will not lift   a rent.

Behind guarantees it is possible to be converted into agency “ AKRUS - real estate “ which   is the technological leader in the realtor market. Here   8 years   rare and unique service for the Moscow market - Trust management apartments successfully develops. To many owners of apartments advantages of delivery of apartment in rent through the Trust management are known, however not all tenants know that renting the apartment which is in   Confidential   Management, they receive fuller complex of services and real benefit.

One of   advantages of Trust management   for the tenant the fullest knowledge about   is; an apartment status. Very often, having converted into some agencies, the tenant receives squall of calls from agents,   offering the same apartment and describing it it is perfect on - to a miscellaneous wherefore anybody from its agents did not see. And before the tenant will find a variant approaching it, it should spend a lot of time, looking through variants which it is perfect to it do not approach. It could be avoided, if agents offered apartments which saw. At   the expert “ AKRUS “ on   the display moment is concluded the contract with the owner that excludes possibility of “a double repeating an examination of apartment”, there is the full levy of execution, being in   to apartment; also the tenant can familiarise with   Apartment photos. At the organisation of display of apartment, the agent is arranged only under possibilities of the tenant, apartment search time accordingly is considerably reduced. After the necessary variant is picked up, it is possible:

to reserve it for some time

to make additional works on apartment re-equipment

to organise packing and transportation of personal things of the tenant

To services of the tenant - already insured apartment (a civil liability, a damage of furnish and to property),   and also possibility to insure the property which is in removed apartment, under the lowered tariffs which operate for agency.

If you   rent apartment which is in   Trust management at “ AKRUS “   it is necessary for you to know the following:

          In agency Trust management there are apartments of a different price range from the cheapest to very expensive. Thus, renting expensive apartment and having placed the order for a site, you have possibility to receive a considerable discount for payment of commission services of agency.

          the Contract of hiring you   sign with   agency, t. e in   quality of the lessor acts “ AKRUS - real estate “ thereby interests not only the owner, but also the tenant are protected.

          In   the moment of signing of the contract you   bring the deposit in   the size of a monthly rent (such pledge any owner takes), but   only at registration of the contract of commercial hiring on   the apartment which is in   Trust management, to you pledge return in   is guaranteed; a current 3 - eh   Bank days after contract term expiration.

          you   pay commission services only after, having picked up the apartment necessary to you, the agent makes out the contract of commercial hiring.

          If the tenant is the legal body very important advantage is possibility of payment of a rent, pledge, commission services in the clearing settlement or through agency cash desk, with reception of all accounting documents.

If during rent term, in apartment the home appliances break, there are problems with elektrikoj, there comes insured event, employees of service service to the aid will instantly come. Simply enough to inform on a problem to the manager.

If the apartment is not fully completed by technics and the furniture necessary for the tenant in the presence of the similar equipment in an exchange collection, the agency can doukomplektovat apartment.