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In Ural Mountains Toto Kutuno has eaten too much of pelmeni

Russia the singer   knows for a long time, and here to its Ural Mountains with a concert has brought for the first time. In advance has asked meeting to feed him with something local, but that, God forbid, not from a chicken, because a bird flu! Those have decided to treat dear visitor with the present Ural pelmeni. Plus wine - red Chilean yes white Sicilian. And here   in the evening, after a concert, a table for the actor have covered the magnificent: here to you and appetizers from the veal cutting, marinaded in soya sauce, and allsorts from cheese with a pear, gretskimi nutlets and honey, and fish delicacies. In a word, rasstaralis cooks on all hundred.

All other days the singer sat on macaroni. Reserved them both with cheese, and with olive oil. Ate yes extolled.

- Just as in Italy! You will not distinguish!

In Nizhni Tagil again has returned to Russian cuisine - for the first time in life has tried to an ear. In native Italy - that a small fish worth its weight in gold, from seafood only shrimps everyones.

By the way, in Moscow concerts of Toto Kutuno will pass on March, 23rd and 24 in the Kremlin.