Rus News Journal

Jokes in number

Abramovich has made to Schumacher the proposal which that could not refuse. Now Schumacher carries Abramovich. On the yacht. Altered from the written off Soviet aircraft carrier.

There is no such maintenance on which it would be impossible to put on the uniform khaki .

the Visitor in Moscow:
- And where here at you area of hundred dollars?
- that?!
- Me have told that all beautiful girls at you around hundred dollars!.

be better than Indian summer the woman`s spring can only.

the Apartment is heavy for selling - parents of constantly house...

Only in the American films 20 - the summer blonde with 4 - bust m in the size can be the expert in atomic engineering...

- Dear, you the mathematics love more than me!
- certainly, no as you could such think!
- prove!
- let And - set of favourite objects...

the drunk muzhik home Comes. Has closed doors and in all throat from a threshold shouts:
- I prishe - e - e - ate!
strongly reeling and clinging hands to walls, goes on kitchen where overturns head over heels a table, overturns stools and beats ware.
- I prisheeeeel!!!
Then, protopeahens in a drawing room, dumps from book shelves, overturns the TV, breaks a crystal vase.
- I domaaaaa!!!
At last having grown weak, it falls a back on a bed and rasslablenno sighs:
- Oh as it is good to live to one...