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How to reserve furniture and not to burn through

Errors at a firm choice:

the Opinion that the with a considerable quantity of factories works office, the it is better.

In practice it is checked up: even the furniture giant cannot qualitatively work with 100 and even 50 factories. They simply send to firm catalogues. For qualitative cooperation employees of the office chosen by you should visit at all enterprises and the nobility, where and as everyone is fastened boltik. Keep in mind: widely advertised choice can be threat to quality.

Desire, having apartment on periphery, to buy furniture in a city is larger - there more widely a choice.

the Choice - that is more, and it is possible to save 10 - 15 %, but delivery, it is necessary to be engaged in installation and repair independently. Think, you are ready to it? Perhaps all - taki to be converted into local firm - with all its guarantees.

5   signs Decent factory or salon

1. Free computer designing.
2. Free delivery and assemblage.
3. In shop - office firm works - not for sale, and as demonstration of quality of work are shown.
4. Here it is a lot of to people.
5. If to ask a companion behind the computer about its past and education, it will appear not the student or the former teacher, and the designer with the diploma and experience.

At order registration:

Desire to buy that will make faster .

If you have decided to reserve furniture which collect abroad, be going long and to wait as a lamb to the slaughter. From Europe a sofa or kitchen will bring a minimum through 45 - 60 days. Term of performance of orders and in our firms is strongly broken a set. But it is less than on two weeks it is not necessary to count. Besides it is frequent on the big purchases we dare before vacation: for example, New Year`s, May. Any factory on furniture assemblage will not work at this time, it is necessary so to wait even longer.

If you do repair,   calculate, how much approximately remains to time to its end, and in advance reserve furniture not to buy in fresh apartment aby that - if only stood.

the Decision to save on designers.

their Call on apartment costs not much: from 300 roubles. But it will be possible to avoid errors at difficult gaugings of a premise: we will tell, if it is the built in case or kitchen. It is necessary to be the present expert to measure all to millimetre.

Refusal of drawing up of the volume plan of arrangement of furniture on the computer. Why - that we hesitate till now, having come to shop, to approach to operators and to make virtual arrangement of furniture. This service should be free, and draw the future model costs at once in 2 - 3 variants.

At the contract conclusion:

Opinion that the longer a guarantee on a new case (kitchen, a sofa), the better. Actually, that there is a new furniture, it will be clear at once, and the guarantee has enough 6 - monthly. It is more important to find out, what order of returning your blood if the goods appear poor-quality (this procedure is called as the claim). To receive all particulars: that the factory considers as an occasion to elimination of defects (damage compensation), and that - is not present. Some factories do not consider small differences in colour at different elements of set as an occasion to the claim. And especially furniture damage at transportation. In the contract necessarily there should be a line that in case of defect occurrence at transportation replacement of details - at the expense of firm.

Attempt to save on delivery and assemblage.

If you decide to show independence, you risk to run into troubles. In - the first to check up a complete set in a warehouse, the sharp-sighted eye and perfect knowledge of all details is necessary (often it is simply impossible: after all you saw set only on a picture in the catalogue!). In - the second, you should break packing - there is an additional risk at transportation. It is better to reconcile with nakrutkoj for delivery and to trust in professionals.