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We open windows

Owners of plastic double-glazed windows for a long time already have forgotten, as it becomes - separately to open a window leaf for airing, to beat to frames a grid from mosquitoes or to listen, as this window leaf a bird fights on a wind. To all the reason - modern window accessories. Any manipulation these openers windows do easy and convenient. Besides at them the whole weight of additional possibilities.

Lotions for a shutter

Never late to reserve additional details which will expand window possibilities.

Moskitnaja a grid. Will not start up in apartment kusachih insects, and also will partially limit access of a dust, garbage and poplar down. Allergic persons will estimate.

Rolstavni or a metal jalousie. That is shutters which are braided in a roll. Protect from the sun, a wind, noise, can be supplied special warming napolniteljami. Outside it is possible to put blocking - there will be an additional protection against breaking.

Weigh small rolstavni about 30 kg. If the shutter big, makes sense to put an electric drive - will open manually rolstavni is problematic.

the Dictionary

Accessories are those mechanisms which help to open and close window shutters.

Protivovzlomnaja accessories

the Usual plastic window (even densely closed) domushniki have learnt to open Additional possibilities clean - at all without leaving breaking traces. To raise the security, many firms offer additional protection. Especially it is actual for inhabitants 1 - go, 2 - go, the last floors. On a window suggest to put the mechanism with the ridiculous name gribovidnaja a pin . This metal overlay is capable to sustain Loading on rupture to 1500 kg. Also there are special protivovzlomnye laths, overlays on the handles which are not giving them to drill. In a combination to pins they do a window almost not opened.  

Slot-hole airing

Is a habit leaving the house to leave   a shutter open (cast away)? Means, all you protivovzlomnye navoroty will appear useless. If only you have not put so-called slot-hole airing . A shutter completely drives in a premise on 6 - 7 mm. Outside the window looks densely closed. To open it even abroach will not give again - taki the pins fastened with protivovzlomnymi by hooks. And thus in a window fresh air arrives. Similar airing, to all other, does not allow in the winter to a double-glazed window to mist over and be chilled - at minimum teplootdache.

the Handle on the lock

It is protection against opening of a window by children. The handle can be locked by a demountable key (it besides is additional protection against breaking as blocks mechanisms). Or other variant: the demountable handle which is inserted into an aperture - the socket.

IT is useful

to Plastic is necessary a tightening

to Look after window accessories simply

Time in half a year it is necessary to oil moving details (any if only in it there were no acids and pitches). Will approach refined vegetative or machine.

If metal details have become dusty, wipe their damp fabric. If pollution strong, is possible and with a washing-up liquid which does not destroy a corrosion-resistant coating (many firms establishing windows, sell or even give to clients spetsnabory on care packages together with the instruction).

Any window shutters are accustomed in due course to sag from - for own weights. They can be tightened independently six-sided key. Shutters on height, width and a clip are regulated. Last parametre, perhaps, most important. By the winter the clip should be strengthened. The handle will turn hardly, but the double-glazed window will be better to hold heat. The main thing - not to be overzealous, and that cannot open a window on a broader scale.