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At the Boeing - 737 the sky was refused to the chassis

At us again by states of emergency with plane!

On Sunday the Boeing the Sakhalin air routes carried out flight Vladivostok - Southern - Sahalinsk. Onboard there were 69 persons. Coming in the land, the crew has tried to let out the chassis. It has not turned out!

It was found out that the hydrosystem of a drive of the chassis is faulty and it is necessary to prepare for a crash landing.

Emergency in case of a chassis absenteeism is always means on a belly .

airport Services have thrown to a runway of firemen, rescuers, First aid ...

fortunately, they were not necessary. The chassis managed to be let out in emergency operation, that is without participation of the basic hydrosystem of release.  

In 20. 25 whole and safe passengers already went down from a gangway.

the Transport Office of Public Prosecutor of Sakhalin has begun check of state of emergency. Besides, for finding-out of the exact reasons of an emergency from Khabarovsk in Southern - Sahalinsk has taken off the technical commission.

Under our data, at the Sakhalin air routes only two Boeings - 737. Both of them - not new, but still far have not developed the resource. Both are got in the USA, and the second has arrived to Sakhalin only in September of this year, after capital repairs in the homeland.

However not so long ago Sakhalin the American already appeared in a report of incidents. On August, 22nd at the Boeing - 737, following on a route Khabarovsk - Southern - Sahalinsk, were not issued flaps. The plane has safely landed (on this class of liners such troubles are provided by designers so landing and with not let out flaps is if something happens supposed, and it will not be considered at all as a crash landing).

the Press - the airline service then has extended calming press - release: Anything supposedly terrible, landing has passed in a planned mode; our pilots regularly fulfil similar situations in the educational centre in the USA... But has not passed also month, as on the Boeing - again technical problems.

In the Internet - communities sahalintsy with might and main discuss that on beushnyh cars to fly strashnovato. But other choice to inhabitants of island does not remain: the airline uses Boeings just for internal flights.