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For debts on to a communal flat the bank

My friend will pay off for a long time already does not carry in the wallet cash.

- And what for? - He has told to me. - then to regret for money which have pulled down pilferers together with a purse?

not to get to such bad story, my friend has opened a current bill in bank. All means that there are stored, he can dispose by means of a plastic card which was let out by bank.

- Having opened the current bank account, the client has an opportunity to use many bank services, and also to make more convenient managerial process by own means, - the director of department of retail business of Promsvjazbanka Lydia HERZEN speaks. - For example, having means for the bill, the client can give to bank the constant commission on write-off (that the bank automatically translated the certain sum from its bill for payment of phone or utilities, that is carried out regular payments by which the client should do every month).

Percent will add on a map

But only conveniences from the current bill are not limited to it.

- Also the client can translate money resources from the current bill to bills of others physical and legal bodies, - the expert continues.

There is and more one useful service. By means of the current bill it is possible to convert money. Speaking easier, roubles to translate in dollars or in euro, and on the contrary. Also it is not necessary to search exchangers with eternally changing course and where you are not insured from, that   to receive false denominations.

- Many clients frequently use a current bill for transfer into it of percent which are charged on the fixed deposit, - Lydia Herzen speaks.

Thus, you have a possibility to spend the saved up profits on any purposes. Thus many banks render such service, as SMS - the message to the client about perfect operation. Have paid off with a map in shop - in some seconds have received the message on the cellular telephone about write-off of money from the current bill.    

And that at all zamorachivatsja with cash, banks suggest also a salary to charge on a current bill. For this purpose it is enough to agree with accounts department of your enterprise and to present them bill requisites.

How to get a current bill?

to Make it as it is simple how, say, to descend at cinema. In bank it is enough to you to show the passport or any other document confirming your person.  

- the Majority of big banks services now offer the Internet - bankinga, - our expert continues to tell about possibilities of the current bill, - and to use them it is possible only in the presence of one or several bank accounts. From the current bill you can independently in a mode on - line to carry out every possible operations:

  payments and transfers to legal and physical persons,
  to do payments under credits,
  to fill up with means a plastic card.

As a rule, the size of the commission for operations at the Internet - bankinge more low than if you made payments in the old manner. After all for bank it too the economy of expenses - all operations carries out the computer, instead of the employee.

to have an opportunity to use the bill in a mode         on - line, it is enough to establish the special computer program which banks, as a rule, give to the clients free of charge.


the Current bill will allow you:

  to receive and translate money resources in roubles, US dollars and euro (for each currency the separate bill opens);

  to enlist money for the bill and to write off in the non-cash form;

  to issue release of a bank plastic card;

  to perform non-cash operations on converting of foreign currencies;

  to receive extracts about a state of the account;

  to translate money resources in payment of the goods, services, including services of mobile communication, utility bills;

  to enlist on the bill transfers, including a salary;

  to draw interest on contributions.