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Tickets for trains in 2007 will rise in price for 12 percent

Cabinet council of ministers Michael Fradkov has begun with analysis of flights. The day before the president told off the government on a kind at all country. When to Putin have asked a question on not taken alcoholic reform, he has responded: a pier, the prime minister - the minister wanted to punish guilty, yes and could not find them.
- Concrete people are, we know them, and soon learn all! - the head of the government has threatened yesterday. - if it seemed to someone that all has dissipated also the country has not seen guilty, this deep error. As though to a string to be twisted, the end will be found!
Claims at Fradkov are to all ministries, and the subordinate he ordered to regard the presidential criticism as last prevention.
- On some of points of yesterday`s dialogue it was simple not on itself, - the prime minister admitted. - And if someone behind a curtain of collective irresponsibility tries to hide - it will not turn out!
Having made a noise, Michael Fradkov has invited to a tribune of the minister of transport of Igor Levitina - the question on the investment program of the Russian Railway was the first in the agenda.
According to Levitina, for three years railwaymen plan to enclose in branch almost 700 billion roubles. It is more than 80 % from them 16 % - on purchase of new cars and locomotives, the rest - on sotsialku will go on updating of a road economy.
But, as usual, appetites of monopolies above their possibilities. So to develop the Russian Railway plans at the expense of consignors and simple citizens. And passenger transportations will faster rise in price, than cargo.
Already in the beginning of 2007 tickets for trains of distant following will rise in price for 12 %, in 2008 - on 11 % and in 2009 - m - on 10 %. And as a whole for three next years the prices will grow more than on third.
journey to electric trains will Rise in price also. But, possibly, not so it is quick - the head of the Russian Railway Vladimir Yakunin has asked the government to compensate losses from suburban transportations.
As a whole the Cabinet has countenanced the investment plan of transport workers. However, Fradkov from giving of Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin has advised to look for reserves for investments also in quickly growing salaries of railwaymen.
- Process of increase of salaries should be in monopolies under state control, - the prime minister has reminded.