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Ivanov has crushed the NATO in the Kremlin

Yesterday to the Kremlin to Putin was the secretary general of NATO Jaap de Hoop Sheffer. In a month in Riga the NATO summit where it will be a question of alliance expansion (probably will take place, will discuss there and questions of Ukraine with Georgia). It cannot obviously call Russia of triumph.
However on a legal part Putin and Sheffer have managed ritual assurances about importance of mutual dialogue. Foretold nothing also the approach to the press of the secretary general of the NATO with the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Ivanov. Sheffer rubbed hands - probably, has frozen (in the Kremlin on autumn badly heat). It has brought preparation which has scrolled at meetings in Russia to Moscow: compared relations of the Russian Federation and the NATO with family, in which “ there are small quarrels “.   (Certainly, family to name the relation of the NATO with Russia it is possible with great reserve unless to mean not kind spouses, and the mother-in-law and the son-in-law.)       Sheffer has relaxed. And in vain. Then made speech of Ivans. “ I Hope, to mister Shefferu Ivanovs " have not confused a head; - it (the day before the secretary general met the head of Security Council Igor Ivanov) has joked. Sheffer has begun to smile. But gradually the smile began to slip from the person natovtsa. Ivanov has particularly warned concerning expansion of the NATO towards borders of Russia:
- would not like, that there was an impression that we are afraid, but it will demand from Russia to undertake certain safety measures.
the Minister has not specified, what, but the secretary general nasupil eyebrows - yes so that they have crawled over eyes, having taken a place of eyelashes.
- With Georgia at us problems are not present, - continued Ivans, - as there are no also sanctions about which like to speak. Money and the goods move, and direct flights are cancelled, because at the Georgian airlines debts.
Illegal migrants are moved, has underlined Ivans, from all civilised countries of the world   and from the USA.
- the Problem not in it, and in mutual relations of Georgia with were (on this word of Ivans has made a special accent) autonomies - Abkhazia and South Ossetia that can - and we see it - to incline Georgia to power decisions.
the Beetle-browed secretary general of the NATO so has grasped a tribune that bones of fingers have turned white. He obviously did not expect such repulse and was similar to the German general who has frozen in 1941 on approaches to Moscow.
And Ivanov satisfied with effect whom he has made on natovtsa, have complacently added: “ Thànk you “.