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Christina Orbakajte for the sake of a defile has arrived from America

this evening tents of Park of culture it. Bitter have collected the whole collection of stars. Celebrities were tightened at first on Elena Suprun`s display - Christina Orbakajte participated in the defile.
A bit later when Christina has already left,   on display Fresh art   have appeared Vladimir Presnyakov and Natalia Podolsky. Before display they have decided to have a bite slightly and have got from a package crackling straws . Dmitry Djuzhev with the companion - the blonde has in the first row settled down. Dmitry it is bad glanced at photographers, and the blonde timidly smiled. Masha Malinovsky pereshuchivalas with singer Timoti.
- do not think something. Timoti simply my friend. I assure, and our kiss on delivery of the award of Muses of TV where we conducted ceremony, was too srezhissirovan, - Masha has told to the correspondent.
Among models there was singer Sasha and president Fashion TV Ekaterina Vitebsky who has shown the tummy (Katya on the seventh month of pregnancy).
the Trio - David Gevorkov, Aslan Ahmadov, Alexander Siradekian - has shown a collection in the spirit - art - a defile with touch of an aggressive sensuality. Girls had huge black circles round eyes, krovavo - red lips. Some girls, without hesitating, showed to the fair people the chest. One photographer from excitation and shortage of air even has fainted. It was lifted by any grateful spectator, has deduced on air and has revived.
the Clothes looked on - theatrical brightly. Long   silk and satiny dresses with flounces, gipjurovye corsets, a brilliant tinsel - much is sustained in the Latin American style.
In the spirit of 80 - h fatal Black leather jackets with klepkami have been shown. By the way, fascinated masterpieces Fresh art Masha Malinovsky right after display has bought a leather jacket for five thousand dollars.
Christina shone with crystals of Svarovski

- Christina - unusually good friend. It is now very occupied, and we seldom see, - the designer Elena Suprun speaks. -   However for the sake of participation in our defile it specially for one day has arrived from America. Collection display the Breakfast at... it closed in muslinovom a lilac dress in   peas. Over a dress the vesper velvet coat has been thrown. The dress has been embroidered gelatinous pajetkami manufactures of 1920 and pastes of Svarovski.
And At this time
Sergey Sysoyev treated vishenkami
In Gostini dvor passed displays   Weeks of a fashion in Moscow
Yesterday on a podium there was a Russian fashion designer Sergey Sysoyev (on the eve of Serezha has been accepted in Haute couture Association). It name the king of jersey, like with Fashion house Sonia Rykiel It works on one wave.
- the Knitted clothes are most convenient for an everyday life, - Sergey has explained the creative position. - thus that does not exclude magnificent decorative elements. I would name the style a sports glamour or a comfortable glamour.
And a glamour it was valid enough - glamour vishenki and roses from crystals of Svarovski, the refined embroidery and satiny bows. Without these details the modern dandy cannot manage. Satiny bows even in man`s clothes were pressed by ties and butterflies. On display have welcomed the actresses Clara Novikova and Olga Prokofiev, more known under Jeanne Arkadevny`s name from My perfect nurse . It appears, in this popular serial Jeanne Arkadevna wears clothes only from Sysoyev.