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Harry Potter has helped to find $70 million

Its film Harry Potter and prisoner Azkabana the creator of the saga about young wizard Dzh. K.Roling named the most favourite from the screen versions made for today. But to come back to once passed Alfonso Kuaron do not intend. Its new film the Child human - gloomy anti-Utopia about the fast end of the world, frightening first of all the similarity that we observe every evening in telenews. The world has wallowed in chaos and terrorism, the mankind degenerates, having lost ability to reproduction...  
- Everyone puts in this history something the, - tells emotional, on - southern temperamental Kuaron. - the picture is represented to Someone awfully gloomy, but with hope in the ending, to someone to the contrary. Someone finds its full of roman catholic symbols. I do not know. On - to mine, in it many eternal symbols, and they are much wider than the religious.
- One of advertising slogans of a film has double sense: the Future already in the past and the Future comes from the past .  
- All comes back back, unless it is not visible? And the reason for that that us the small group of freaks corrects. One Bush of that costs! This embodiment of the past, unless not so? It is surprising that political life comes back to the most primitive forms. Americans want to solve a problem of immigration of Mexicans in the USA with the help... Wall constructions. To think only: it proceeds from the country which is proud of that has helped to destroy the Berlin wall!
In the end of my film the perfect song of Dzharvisa of Cocker Running The World that shit always emerges also what exactly it always above sounds. There there is a refrain: Goats still correct the world . Many now think so. Politicians, of course, never will change, but we simply should them tell once: do not wait from us for an applause for the activity. I do not believe that my film can change something, but affect public opinion it in a status. If it occurs - I will be very happy.
- London became you native in an operating time over Harry Potter... ?
-   I should shoot this picture still to Harry Potter... ! I have written this scenario right after And thy mum too . And there was then that has occurred, and I am awfully grateful for it to destiny. Giving thanks Harry Potter... I have lived two years in London and so much all has learnt about England that now the smog is better display it in a new picture.
After a blockbuster of such scale it became much easier to me to convince a studio management of the correctness. the child human - enough expensive film, and first anybody especially did not aspire to put 70 million in a fantastic film of enough gloomy maintenance. But after to me have believed, nobody tried to force to remove me a usual commercial shooter. All it, certainly, only thanks to success Harry Potter... .

People of the future, under the version of Kuarona, look not too presentably.
- Admit: It is favourable to shoot films about the juvenile four-eyes?
- By the way, I have not received cent from T-shirts and other souvenir production on which the studio has earned millions. Personally I always very much liked books of Roling, and even it is strange enough that they became such running market goods!    
- you as - that were affected by Tarkovsky`s fantastic films?
- I would be happy, if could so to say, but it would be too pretentious. Though I have specially reconsidered the Stalker before shootings. And the main thing that there has excited me, is a colour, an image structure. But vodichku which at it everywhere flows, we did not begin to use. A method   shootings at us too absolutely another - we removed very long plans and were more likely excited with Alexander Sokurov`s works.
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