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To whom in Russia to live well: data on cabinet incomes

According to the Constitution of Russia and the Federal constitutional law " are published; About the government of the Russian Federation all members of the cabinet are obliged to declare data on incomes and property as the, and immediate families. These data are given annually   in tax service.

In 2005 it is most in the Russian government the minister of natural resources Yury Trutnev has earned. According to submitted the head of Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources to data for 2005, its income has made 211 million rbl. - such data publishes on October, 27th the Russian newspaper . Thus all for a year - with 2004 on 2005 - Yury Trutnev has increased the incomes more than by 80 million, informs news agency REGNUM.

On II place following the results of 2005 there is with considerable backlog a minister of transport Igor Levitin - about 12 million rbl. The income of premieres - the minister of Michael Fradkov has made in 2005 1 million 842 thousand rbl.

Closes a rating of incomes the head of Ministry of economic development and trade Herman Gref - for 2005 he has earned only 1 million 185 thousand rbl.