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Anna Snatkina - Evgenie Grigorov, the champion of Russia under the European program

the Main heroine of a serial Doomed to become a star the actress Anna Snatkina too in the childhood has endured a backbone trauma. Some years ago at it all has become aggravated, and it went of one and a half year in a corset. The doctor has not believed, when she has told to it that participates in Dances with stars .
Alexander Pashutin - Svetlana Bogdanova, the winner of the international tournaments on the Latin American dances

Pashutin - the most elderly participant of show. It has not prevented it to lift the partner on hands. However, the person at it thus was hardly warped.

Cyril Andreev - Marina Kopylov, the winner of tournaments of a series of Gran - at

Ivanushka Andreys admitted that for the first time in life executed a waltz. Left, however, not bad. Though the judge, the ballet master Alla Sigalov, has carped: has told that it does not feel the partner .
Julia Menshov - Jan Galperin, the prize-winner of the championship of Russia on the Latin American dances

Julja Menshov, having danced cha - cha - cha under a song Three roses of the white will lay down on a table... has informed that legs at it popereputalis on figs .

Alexander Oleshko - Irina Maruseeva, the winner of the championship of Russia on ten dances

the Actor and singer Oleshko has concerned itself I am critical supposedly - an oak an oak... Actually he danced very well. The jury has come to a conclusion that it is capable on bolshee, participation in teleshow is rather than simple. At desire it can be closed up by the dancer - the pro!
Alexey Goman - Lyudmila Chegrinets, the prize-winner of a World Cup on the Latin American dances

- What for you have given me such beautiful partner? - Alexey Goman theatrically questioned. - With it it is impossible to dance! Give to me terrible! It seems, nakarkal: for this performance of jury has put the lowest points.

Oksana Fedorova - Alexander Litvinenko, the champion of Russia on the Latin American dances

Oksana Fedorova too has received a nickname. Its partner named its that the major, a horse!
- the horse is because we of identical growth, - Alexander Litvinenko justified. The jury recognised their pair of the most beautiful. And Fedorova has told that in the childhood was engaged in dances, however from - for foot traumas on them it was necessary to put a fat cross. - twenty years I waited for it! - A shivering voice Oksana has cried out.
Svetlana Masterkova - Sergey Zhohov, the prize-winner of the World championship on European sekveju

Masterkova has informed that the second time in life has put on a long white dress. The first time business was on wedding.
- and on a broader scale I - a log with white hair, - cheerfully summarised the sportswoman.

Anastas Melnikova - Denis Kasper, the champion of Russia on the Latin American dances

the Most clockwork, perhaps, it is possible to name this pair. And it in spite of the fact that in interview before shootings of Nastja itself has ruthlessly called a stool. From it during dance even the bracelet has flied - so passionately it rotated hips and waved hands.
Alexander Dedjushko - Shakurov`s Liana, the winner of the championship of Russia on the Latin American dances

Dedjushko (the actor from serials the Operative pseudonym the Sarmatian and Guys from a steel ) Danced not bad. But the person at it was stone: in jury have joked that it looks like Kashpirovsky.