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What will be with the prices in November?

Excises will cost a pretty penny
fans had not time hot to depart from deficiency of alcohol from - for problems with excise stamps, as again bad news.
- In November manufacturers of vodka will start to rise in the price, - Paul SHAPKIN, the president of National alcoholic association predicts. - in - the first, the prices for excises for this alcohol are risen. In - the second, this convenient time to lift cost of strong drinks - New year approaches. However fault is increase almost will not concern. It at us and so has risen in price since the summer on 20 - 30 percent. Unless kreplenoe from - for rises in price of excises can grow in the price on 10 - 15 percent. Certainly, champagne - as traditionally New Year`s drink - too will start to rise in price. But here the prices for beer and cognac, I think, remain at present level.

We are reserved by spirits
we have already endured Deficiency of alcohol. But the law on control over alcohol, from - for which has inflamed all cheese - a pine forest, concerns also to perfumery production. For trade in spirits and eau de toilette too it is necessary to receive excise stamps and to instal expensive program EGAIS. Sellers of perfume have tried zatarit the warehouses to the introduction of the law into action. Therefore - that deficiency also was not in the summer.
- In September wholesale deliveries of perfumery production have been frozen, - Sergey BOLSHAKOV, the chief executive of Association of manufacturers of perfumery production speaks. - business now has a little moved off dead centre. But as a result spirits have already risen in price. For Moscow this problem costs not so sharply, as in a province. In capital many large suppliers who could survive after introduction of the law on control. And here small firms have started to be closed. Cost of cheap colognes, for example, has flied up twice. And now them practically do not deliver are it is unprofitable. And the prices for inexpensive production grow faster, than on the elite.

Meat hardly will fall in price
Usually in the end of autumn farmers cut cattle and a meat choice in the market much more. But experts assert that it is necessary to pay for pork and beef on the full.
- Now there are all preconditions for decrease in street prices on meat, - Sergey JURSHIN, the head of executive Committee of national meat association considers. - farmers need to realise all meat. In addition for last two months the price of meat in the wholesale markets has decreased on 10 - 15 percent. All foreign deliveries go spravno, we do not observe recently special interdictions for import. It would Seem, after wholesale prices should decrease and retail. But I would not hope that in the markets and in shops meat will fall in price. It is feature of our country, the prices fly up apropos and without, and here to reduce them hurries up nobody, even if on it there is a reason. It is possible to be calmed in that rises in price too is not expected. How the prices for meat products will behave? The meat-packing plants making sausages, for example, now buy raw materials more cheaply, than, say, in the summer. So basically there is an occasion to lower cost of sausages.

Buy tours for New year
November will please in the beginning of month with three days off. But if you have remembered feasts just now to sit to you of the house in front of the TV.
- Good tours for November are bought already up, - Artem SARYCHEV, the manager on travel agency INTERGID sales tells. - Rest this month, as a rule, costs dearer. People would like to get warm, therefore the most popular vacation spots is Egypt and Thailand. As practice shows, hot deals at all do not mean recently the cheap. For the whim - I want immediately - now the person needs to pay extra. On rest it is possible to save if to plan it in advance and accordingly to buy a vacation package of month for two. Already all most interesting tours on New Year`s vacation are now bought up. Discounts can be expected on vacation packages in the middle of December. But to buy them it is necessary now.
Where in Russia to live sytnee
It is reminded: search of cities where is is better, proceeds. For definition most nourishing regions we take the monthly average salary and we divide into cost of a sandwich with half-smoked sausage from a cafe near the station. We receive a sandwich index - Quantity of appetizer which can be bought on one pay.

the Autumn has developed extremely successfully for Russians. Incomes a rod upwards on all country. Couple of months back only at three cities a sandwich index exceeded 1000 points. Now this boundary was overcome by more half of our list. And in leaders on - former Magadan, Tomsk and Chelyabinsk.