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To a hell of 6 thousand kilometres

the Termination. In number from October, 27th

Yesterday we have informed the beginning on that ( the Hell became hardly less ) That the Pope has changed underworld borders. Have told, how representations of people about life after death and about conditions of abiding in paradise and a hell changed. Today you learn that scientists concerning a next world and as the hell under descriptions of its most known researchers - Aligeri Dante looks, the author of a poem " think; the Divine comedy and John Milton, the author of a poem Lost paradise .

Dante Has returned from a next world describes a hell, as a funnel with concentric and narrowed ledges - hell circles . Its origin is that: the angel who has Rebelled against god the Lucifer (it the Satan) has been overthrown to the Earth. Having fallen a such asteroid, it has punched a funnel to the centre - kernels of the Earth, having got stuck there for ever and ever. The funnel from above was tightened, the hell remained. Dante has started to write the the Comedy in 1304. But in a hell was in 1300 and ostensibly personally all observed. And many in it believed. Swarty by nature the person of the author and really seemed the singed hellfire. People otshatyvalis with shout: It was in a hell!


1. In a boat of Harona of soul cross the river Aheron and get in Limb - the first circle of a hell (the Pope cut down it is has excluded area where souls of non-Christian babies abided). Limb remained for virtuous pagans and all other righteous men who have not entered a bosom of Christian church. It here constructs a high castle surrounded with seven walls and a stream.

2. The second circle is less than Limba, but the big torments in it groan sad " is audible;. The present hell the input in which guards Minos - the former tsar of Crete from here begins. Strictly having asked you on all last life, it will measure the punishment put to your shower, a tail twisting so much time round a body, on how much to it to go down steps .

3. In a circle the third souls of gluttons and gluttons are lodged. Here always there is a cold rain mixed up with a hailstones, snow and wet pus . The Earth stinks.

4. Bagrovo - black waters limit the fourth circle. The input guards Plutos, Ancient Greek god of mammon. Both skarednikov, and rastochitelej - all, who unworthy spent and saved punish equally. Two crowds, pushing before itself heavy vehicles, they are doomed to converge eternally against each other.  

5. The fifth circle is covered by a fetid Stigijsky bog in which ooze among themselves souls of the irascible spitefully fight.  

6. The Red city behind which walls circles of the Bottom hell begin borders On a bog. Its iron gate are protected by guards. The red city is always filled with a flame. On walls and tops of towers ugly shades dance. By it waters of Stiksa proceed.  

the infernal rivers - Aheron, Stiks and Flegeton Here originate.

7. Behind stony and stinking shaft the seventh circle of a hell begins. Here the violence is punished. The external belt of a circle is formed by boiling and bloody water of the river Flegeton where on a throat murderers, tyrants, " are shipped; gromily and robbers . Furious centaurs amaze with an arrow of everyone who tries to be put out from scarlet boiled water .  

8. The eighth circle is cut by ten ditches. Bridges radially crossing them conduct to the centre where there is a bottomless well. On a bottom of the first ditch in both parties crowds of procurers and seducers go. Their scourges horned evil spirits adjust.

In the second ditch filled with a sewage, squeal also a snout grunt flatterers. Those who traded in posts and radel only about mammon, - in the third ditch. They are immured in a rock to the shins. Sticking out outside of a foot burns down fire.

Martyrs of the fourth ditch are strange braided - By the person are converted always back and cannot see on a step before itself. They are the former prophets, foretellers of the future, the fortuneteller, vorozhei.

In the fifth ditch - mzdoimtsy: they cook in dense black pitch, and evil spirits - zagrebaly move their sharp vilami. In heavy lead robes dvizhutsja on the sixth ditch hypocrites. Venomous snakes bite thieves in the seventh I tear - they perish   also revive again, braided by snake bodies.

In the eighth ditch fire burns artful advisers. In the ninth - razzhigatelej wars. Instigators of contentions are dissected endlessly on a part by fine edges.  

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9. The eighth circle of a hell smoothly decreases, resting against a precipice of the ninth. Round a hole there are giants with chains. The smooth ice lake Kotsit is below located. Frozen in in it, betrayers pine. In Cain, the first belt of the ninth circle, in ice are ground betrayed native. In the second, Antenore, - changed to the adherents or the Native land. In Tolomee, the third belt, a back in ice betrayers of friends have frozen in. The most internal belt is called as Dzhudekka. Those who has changed to benefactors, lie here bent by an arch, and even head over heels. They cry, but tears freeze directly in eyes: the ice wind proceeds from the lake centre where, chained in ice on a chest, the Lucifer waves six wings.

And   At this time

Souls turn to live plasma?

Those who believes in a next world and its division into a hell and paradise, the Romanian physicist Mircha Sandulovichu from University of a name of Alexander Kuzy has supported. It has simulated life which could exist there.

Live and breed

In the special chamber the scientist has received clots of cold plasma. And they have concentrated on his eyes in spheres. Everyone was two-layer: on an external layer have gathered elektrony, on internal - positively loaded ions, and between them atoms of inert gas have settled down. The arisen spheres were very similar to live cages. Still bolshej mysticism povejalo further, when plasma clots - spheres... Have started to breed, sharing on two. They grew, eating neutral atoms of argon, digested them, splitting on ions and elektrony. Moreover, spheres handed over each other the information, letting out electromagnetic energy. Receiving it, colleagues responded, vibrating with certain frequency. Than not life?

Still bolshej mysticism povejalo when plasma clots - spheres have started to breed.

In heavens and in bowels

- It seems that physicists managed to show, - does not hesitate in estimations Sergey IVLIEV, a member-correspondent of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences , - that life can exist and out of biological objects. Our bodies, for example...

And it is hot in a hell to trespassers, and it is close. It is Perhaps better to conduct a just way of life that in more comfortable paradise have lodged?

Scientists have published the opening in specialised collection Chaos, Solitons & Fractals (volume 18, p. 335), than have supported numerous abnormal hypotheses according to which human souls have the electromagnetic nature and consist just of the certain organised plasma - on - to the live and reasonable, capable to store, pass and conceive the information.

But if souls and really such - tonkomaterialnye, - that where they could to be blissfully happy or to pine ?

- the Ionosphere - an upper atmosphere located above 50 kilometres over the Earth, - the suitable place for dwelling of the organised plasma, - reflects Sergey Ivliev. - There - on heavens - In enough ions and free elektrony - elements of plasma existence are concentrated. And, probably, the life, much more various and difficult, than that which physicists have simulated in laboratory boils. Of Institute of terrestrial magnetism, an ionosphere and distribution of radio-waves (IZMIRAN), for example, assure that in an electromagnetic range the sky looks boundless ocean on which millions big and small plasma clots, not visible with the naked eye rush. Perhaps it also is paradise? After all heavens are so extensive that souls of many billions people will easily be located on them, when - or living on the Earth.  

As to a hell also its approximate co-ordinates - underground - basically can be correct. In a hell, as it is known, hot. But also in bowels neholodno. According to some scientists where - that is deep, but not further than in 6000 kilometres from a surface, plasma - only heated, even thermonuclear too can settle down. And how much it live, artful and diabolically artful, physicists who unsuccessfully build thermonuclear reactors for a long time tell.




Crew of the lost shuttle Colombia Has removed in space shone object

NASA recently has allowed to investigate a small part of the video record which conducted and the astronauts who were tragically lost on February, 1st, 2003 broadcast to the Earth. On it the head of task force of Joav Jair also has made out the image of the clot radiating powerful red light.

- Anything similar anybody did not see earlier, - tells Jair. - the Object shone fractions of a second and settled down over Madagascar at height of 150 kilometres - there where lightnings do not happen at all.

Experts assume that flash is connected with almost not studied processes in circumterraneous space which bear to existence in it certain electromagnetic lives .

edition gives thanks to magazine For the help in preparation of a material the Popular mechanics in   person Romana Fishmana.