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To the nurse Vick mum

the Known actress who plays a little bit mad, but Victoria Prutkovsky`s very charming mummy in " has returned; To my perfect nurse was absent more than three months. Almost all series of the sixth season removed without its participation. Hearings about Polischuk`s sudden disappearance went the diversified: that said that it has performed plastic operation and now comes to the senses, then - that simply any more does not want to act in film and to its place have already invited popular in the people taksistku Lyudmila Artemyev. And nevertheless on shootings of wedding of nurse Vicks which will show in final series the Perfect nurse Ljubov Grigorevna has arrived.
As it was found out, all this time the actress came to the senses after serious operation of a backbone. Back pains did not give Polischuk of rest many years: still in 97 - m to year it has unsuccessfully fallen on a scene and has received a serious trauma. Since then the star some times passed treatment, but it brought only time simplification. Eventually doctors have suggested to perform Ljubovi Grigorevne operation. She has agreed. The actress passed multiweek rehabilitation in Israel and very much missed work. And, by the way, has not passed any series Nurses - our TV series just was bought recently by the Israeli TV channel.
Colleagues who too have terribly missed Polischuk, have met its embraces and enthusiastic wails. Anastas Zavorotnjuk has come on a platform with a magnificent bouquet and a present and has kissed again found mum . However, Ljubov Grigorevna has appeared all at some o`clock: has acted in film in a scene of wedding and has left. While doctors advise to it not to be overstrained on work.