Rus News Journal

Calendar of love and personal relations

the Aries. Change style of behaviour and image, reconstruct relations with fellow workers, neighbours, old acquaintances. Judging by an arrangement of the planets, all affairs in which you will be engaged this week, will bring to you good luck and approval of darling. The main thing - efficiency.

a Taurus. Remember, dream - your kindness and the help of friends will allow to solve successfully important problems, it is better to understand a passion and to feel itself at pleasure top. It is necessary to express clearly only the thoughts and attentively to listen associates.

didymuses. Live beautifully: make noble acts, tell tender words, give gifts, give a maximum of attention to an aesthetics of intimate relations - then many your desires will be executed. But consider: within the next few days very important correctly to calculate the forces.

the Cancer. Be easier - be not afraid to change sights and principles - your diligence and honesty will allow you to merit favour of the chief and other important persons and to see new prospects in private life. Within the next few days it is not necessary to be fond of creativity.

the Lion. This week you can receive many positive emotions: use all possibilities for own blessing: have fun in a society of relatives, discuss with friends intimate problems, solve family questions. But today and tomorrow do not incur superfluous responsibility.

the Virgin. Be adjusted on the best - actually for happiness at you almost all is. So be engaged in habitual affairs, keep in touch with those whom for a long time know, be careful of changes in a family and on service, refrain from new acquaintances and serious acts.

Scales. You are waited by success in affairs, good news and joyful events. Do not come off a reality, do not leave favourite (ogo) for a long time in loneliness. Try not to admit changes in private life - to concentrate on the decision of material and office problems better.

the Scorpion. Try not to draw to yourself attention nice to you of representatives of an opposite sex, and, look, do not fall in love - there is a probability that any actions which you make this week under the influence of strong hobby, will discourage you further. And if it will want something the newcomer - buy.

the Sagittarius. Ahead at you set unexpected, but basically joyful events, important meetings and various temptations. Your mind and talent will allow you to feel absolutely happy (oh), but to idealise the passion nevertheless it is not necessary.

the Capricorn. Stars on - former are favourable to you. Get new communications and hobbies, have a rest in a pleasant society, say, what to itself do not refuse. However, and in other days for you wait professional good luck and other pleasures of life, only do not brag of the achievements.

Aquarius. Now and tomorrow expand a circle of contacts, try forces in business absolutely unusual to you, do not give value to internal contradictions - all at you will turn out, besides you will open in yourselves talents about which at all did not suspect. And be then especially patient and careful at dialogue with colleagues, parents and other relatives.

Fishes. Within the next few days you can successfully finish an important issue, put a basis for the further well-being, easily leave those who became superfluous in your life. And still possibility abruptly to change the destiny will be presented to you. Making decisions, listen to a heart voice, but try not to risk.