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on October, 31st in hotel Redisson SAS Slavonic there will pass an exhibition Personnel management . Visitors can hear performances of experts on human resource management of the leading companies - Deloitte & Touche, UralSib, Norilsk nickel the Trumpet Metallurgical Company, the Moscow Nut company and many other things. Will pass presentations of companies Ingosstrah, MTI, Oracle, SHL.

the Input free, on preliminary check in on a site www. hrm. ru

the Address:   square of Europe, 2 (the m. item Kiev )

carrying out Time:   with 11. 00 to 17. 00.

Details on bodies. (495 933 - 10 - 98.

the Data is given by the project

HRM to company Begin Group.

to Study? Easily!

Teachers name your child clever, but disseminated ? It does silly errors in the letter? Long learns lessons? To it suggest to pass in school more low level? Be converted into the nursery Center nejro - psychology!

Ph.: (495 506 - 08 - 47 (area of Leninsky prospect), (495 173 - 31 - 25 (area of the item of m. Textile workers ), (495 157 - 36 - 50 (area of the item of m. the Falcon ) .

www. children - psy. ru

Preliminary courses in MIREA

the Moscow state institute of radio engineering, electronics and automatics (technical university) MIREA spends a set on preliminary courses of pupils of graduation classes on mathematics, physics, Russian and stories of Russia.

Documents acceptance: 6 - monthly - c on November, 1st; 4 - monthly - since January, 11th.

Ph. (495) 433 - 01 - 83. www. mirea. ru