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Office growth on a science

11 questions which will turn your life!

- First of all successfully to move upwards on an office ladder, for itself answer these questions, - Julia DANILENKO, the head of the Center modern advises business - technologies:

1. With what particularly post I want to occupy?

2. In what company?

3. In what terms I can achieve it?

4. What I should change or improve to reach the wished?

5. Why I want to make it? What result I aspire to achieve?

6. What benefits I hope to receive?

7. Where this post will result me in the future?

8. Who to me will help or disturb in achievement of this purpose?

9. How I can reach it?

10. What I should make first of all, in the second, in the third?.

11. What really will occur in my life when I will reach this purpose?

Fair answers will help you to formulate correctly the purpose to which you should aspire.


a year later became the director

Nina LOBACHYOV from those young   managers who build the career on a science and thanks to it achieve prompt office growth.

- I headed the Moscow representation Smolensk chulochnoj factories, - she tells. - once I was converted into the consulting company behind the help in the decision of some industrial questions: selection of shots, payment system engineering... Results have impressed me, and we have continued cooperation - were engaged in planning of the future enterprise and my own career. The adviser has recommended to me to develop some management skills... I visited trainings, seminars. It lasted about one year. Everything to that me learnt, I applied in work. It has born fruit. Very soon I have gone on increase - became the commercial director of all factory.

the Typical errors, disturbing to office growth

  Think that you anybody is the cleverest also, except you, is not able to work. This position touches your colleagues. Therefore your desire to promote calls their amicable counteraction.

  At first amuse itself illusion that yours wise the heads only also think, as though you to advance. And then, without having waited increases, start to take offence.

  you do not give yourselves the report that your present position brings to you benefits which you cannot refuse. And consequently neosoznanno sabotage any possibilities of career growth.

  Underestimate itself. It seems to you that someone has another of more chances of a desirable post, and you give in without a fight.

  undertake Nothing concrete for reception of a desired post: do not grind the resume, do not send it in the company interesting to you, do not study... And under a lying stone, as they say...

  Often say to the heads that be not in time, do not know how to execute the commission, go on office with a dissatisfied mine as though someone is guilty that you have not slept.   and to it spoil to itself reputation.

  Rely only on good relations with a management or, to the contrary, only with subordinates. And it is necessary to come into contacts in all possible directions.


Hour of consultation of the expert in planning of career for the private person - on the average 3000 roubles.

we Give thanks for the help in preparation of a material to the company Gaul Konsalting Grup .