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the Lock at a dog

it is very awkward To me to share it, but there is nobody to tell more. The matter is that half of my walk passes in fruitless attempts to clear intestines...
the rate the Martha, 8 years.

the Lovely Martha, you have not written, how you eat, a leah walk much. Usually the lock appears at elderly dogs, but eight years for the rate - at all an old age! Probably, with you walk a little or you beg for slices from a table, suffer affliction excess weight. By the way, remember - a leah for a long time to you drove worms? All is the main reasons of a lock.

to Defeat this indisposition it is easy enough. It is possible to drink twice a day on an olive oil spoon (only if at you as it should be a liver). It is obligatory to increase time of walks, to regale not on cakes and a sausage, and carrot and an apple. It is possible to drink fresh milk   and to eat skoblenogo crude meat.

If after two weeks of a new mode the lock will not pass, be converted to the doctor. A leah

to Walk to a cat on a balcony?

I very much like a loggia - fresh air, insects fly also birdies besides... And the mistress says that in the winter I will not start up there... What for an arbitrariness?
a cat the Cornflower, 6 months.

the Lovely child, in frosts to you will not be pleasant to walk long! Besides we, cats so hard we transfer cold...

But on 10 - 15 minutes daily are useful to leave - if at you dense sherstka, and the balcony is glazed (that you unintentionally have not fallen downwards).

How to overcome shchenjachy fear?

We have bought a three-monthly puppy of the American bulldog. But here the ill luck - our Richi flatly does not wish to go out of doors... We take out on hands 20 - a kilogramme carcass.
Nina Kuznetsova.

It is not necessary to panic, at your Richi fashionable now frustration, on - scientific is called social deprivatsija -   impracticality.

The matter is that capital factory owners have ceased to deduce puppies on street. Simply hold houses till the sale moment.   and for the kid it is important to happen in the street from monthly age, then there is a representation about an external world. Even not imparted puppies should be taken out though for some minutes - to smell, look, listen.

Represent reaction of the ten years` child which has spent all life in apartment, and it have brought to take a walk on Tver in rush hour? The same occurs to a puppy - after all their feelings repeatedly more strongly.

Do so: do not force it to walk long, slowly increase walk time. Go on different routes, talking to the kid. Get friends - dogs, they help a puppy to become more confident. By the way, on overcoming of fears at you remains only one and a half month - the season of the petards which sounds are capable " will soon begin; to break mentality of an uncertain puppy.

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