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How to force the cat to run less often to a bowl?

than excess weight is dangerous?

- the First and most important danger - heart diseases, they strongly reduce life of cats. The risk of strokes, a diabetes and onkozabolevany increases. Besides corpulent beasts suffer affliction often locks, and it harms to all organism.

Why house cats so quickly type weight?

- the Principal cause - perekarmlivanie. Owners leave too much meal, leaving for work, and also feed with the most tasty for a cat a forage that contributes in overeating.

the Second reason - gipodinamija. The cat never leaving apartments, the most part of days does not move, and dozes. And if in the house live a little murlyk, stronger and authoritative besides eat also the, and a part of another`s portion.

How to avoid adiposity?

Observe simple rules:

  On any package of a dry feed or banks of canned food the daily norm of feeding in grammes is specified. Adhere to it strictly, changes are admissible only in limits plus - a minus of 10 grammes.

  Spend enough time with your cat. Play with it in active games. Leaving the house, leave to it new attractive toys.

  If cats a little and they argue from - for forages - let eat in different rooms.

  Feed murku with well balanced forages, such, as Njutro Chojs in whom is not only tasty meat, but also useful to work zheludochno - an intestinal path cereals.

Why cats, even corpulent, are fastidious in meal?

In - the first, murki - conservatives also prefer certain food, say, meat. And to force them there are porridges or vegetables difficult. In - the second, in a choice of meal the cat is guided by a smell, its scent is five times stronger, than at the person. Therefore hardly zavetrennyj the forage for it becomes unattractive: fats quickly are oxidised on air and smell already on - to another.

What to do to force it is?

  do not put a bowl with meal near to strongly smelling subjects (a garbage can, a tray).

  Feed with room temperature food (the warm forage smells more strongly).

  Give a forage gradually that the portion did not remain in a bowl.

  Feed well balanced and consequently with well acquired forages.

  For smell improvement to a dry feed it is possible to add a little vkusnopahnushchih canned food (type Merrika ) .


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the Mouse - pohudejka

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