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Eternal people disappear AMONG us

the Private affair of Apollonija Tiansky (a nickname - Artefius)

It Jesus Christ coeval, was born for three years B.C. Pupil Pifagora. Was engaged in alchemy. Has visited many countries of a classical antiquity, studied secrets of sacrificers of Ancient India and Babylon. Contemporaries attributed to it many miracles. Having worried ten emperors, at the age of 70 years has returned to Rome where by order of emperor Domitsiana has been prosecuted on charge in chernoknizhii. But there was a miracle: in the face of all it has disappeared from the overflowed hall of court.

Within centuries was considered that Apollony, having managed to prepare an immortality elixir, continues to disappear among people. For example, in ƠII a century there lived the philosopher and the alchemist naming with Artefiusom from whom our time has reached two mysterious works, full riddles and half-words: the tract about a philosophers` stone and the composition on ways of prolongation of life. Many contemporaries believed that under this name disappeared Tiansky, and resulted telling arguments in protection of the suspicions. There are witnesses who saw it even in a XIX-th century.

the Private affair of Agasfera (a nickname - the Eternal Jew)

According to religious legends the Christ during the God way to Golgotha in extreme exhaustion has leant against a wall of the house belonging to Agasferu. But the cruel Jew has not allowed second to take rest to the Christ bearing a heavy wooden cross, and has banished it. Then the Christ has doomed Agasfera to eternal wanderings - without hope when - or to find rest or death.

And from century to century - that there here - there is a person whom many identify with person Agasfera. For example, the Italian astrologist Guido Bonatti in 1223 has met him at the Spanish court yard. Five years later it mentioned by the record made in the chronicle of an abbey of sacred Alban (England). Ostensibly the person who was giving out for Agasfera, well remembers events more than thousand-year prescription and in details describes appearance of apostles. In 1242 this person appears in France, in 1575 - m - in Spain, in 1604 - in Paris, in 1633 - m - in Hamburg, in 1658 - in Stamford (Great Britain). When in the end of a XVIII-th century the eternal wanderer again appeared in England, to it even have arranged examinations of the professor of Oxford and Cambridge. And its knowledges of the most ancient history and geography of the most remote corners of the Earth which he has ostensibly visited, were amazing. Besides, he spoke almost in all languages of the world. But soon its traces are again lost.

the Private affair of Sen - with Zhermena (a nickname - the Count)

In second half of XVIII-th century attention of contemporaries is involved with one more mysterious person - count Sen - Zhermen. It amazed the contemporaries with the unusual awareness on the past. Its occurrence surprised also confusion of elderly aristocrats which remembered suddenly that saw this person in the childhood in salons of the grandmothers. Since then it has not changed at all. And nevertheless he in a close circle without a smile told about the meetings with philosopher Platon and with apostles of the Christ.

Sen - Zhermen has so mysteriously disappeared, as well as has appeared. Its death has ostensibly come in 1784 in the lonely lock in Golshtinii. However on one of gravestones in district there is no this name. Many years after this death familiar Sen - Zhermena met later the count in many cities of Europe. In 1788 it saw in Venice, and in days of the French revolution of the count have ostensibly identified in one of prisons where aristocrats contained.


Secret of an elixir

the Known magician and alchemist Cagliostro whom too rank to immortal, the structure of the magic potion has not opened (can, and thank God), but has described its action. Having accepted the first portion of a medicine, the person “ faints for three days during which he feels often spasms, convulsions, on its body the perspiration " acts;. For the thirty sixth day of process the medicine rest then the person falls asleep a deep sleep is accepted. During a dream the skin descends from it, teeth and hair drop out. All it grows again throughout several hours. In the morning of the fortieth day the patient rises completely rejuvenated.

... Agree that to modern medicine is over what to work.