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That it is necessary to know the pregnant woman that the child was born healthy

Great ordinance

- According to Russian national representations the pregnant woman is in dangerous affinity from the line dividing the world terrestrial and the world potustoronny, - the head of department of folklore of Institute of the world literature Elena MINENOK, the author " tells; Encyclopedias of superstitions - and thereof it is especially subject to damage and a malefice. It should keep the position a secret even from near relations until there is appreciable an increased stomach. When the woman will feel that the child moves, from this day every night she should say a prayer: Christmas of the Deipara, the wife the Myrrh bearer, has engendered invisibly and razrodi is invisible. The milostlivaja Holy Virgin Theotokos, do not leave, do not leave me, guilty, suffer to my sins .

Origin of new life in all national cultures was considered as the greatest ordinance, and accordingly during the period vynashivanija it was necessary to observe numerous writs and interdictions. For example, the future mother that the child has not died in the first months and dews healthy, it was forbidden:

  to take part in affairs which could upset her;

  to communicate with people unpleasant to it;

  to participate in funeral processions;

  to be the godmother;

  to be photographed;

  to cut hair last months before sorts.

the Reasons of uglinesses

In the Christmas-tide (on December, 19th - on January, 19th), rusalnoj weeks (on May, 31st - on June, 6th), and also in all temple feasts the behaviour of pregnant women was especially strictly regulated. It it was forbidden to sew, cut, knit, something to cut off scissors or something to bend. It associated with mending and setting ways on which the baby soon should be born, that is such kinds of works - according to national poverjam - could provoke difficult childbirth. If the child was born with a birthmark on a cheek or a hand - means, mother, being on snosjah, during time rusalnoj weeks has sewn a button or a patch. Any physical ugliness of the newborn speaks to the present day infringement of these interdictions.

- And is better, that also all members of a family in which there is a pregnant woman, did not carry out similar works in the specified days, - Elena Vladimirovna continues. - Here that to me old residents of village Vojlovo of the Kaluga region have told: There was one woman in position, and the husband did a sled, zaginal oaklets (business was in the middle of 1940 - h. - Red.) . She speaks to it, that did not do - the Christmas-tide. And it: And it to me still will cast here a shadow for white day . Also has given birth to the boy - feet together .

do not remember line

But first of all the national culture ordered to the pregnant woman to observe moral cleanliness: to live righteously, not to swear at all a black word not to offend cattle and pets, not to steal. All its unseemly acts can be reflected in destiny and health of the future baby. So, if the woman...

 ... Line the unclean can change the newborn - healthy and beautiful on sick and poor remembers;

 ... Kicks with a foot a pet at the child hairy warts will grow;

 ... Something has stolen, on a back or a stomach of the baby there will be a big birthmark.

- As a whole the image of the pregnant woman in Russian national culture is penetrated by representations about good and well-being, - tells Minenok. - So, till now everywhere a popular belief that the meeting with the woman on snosjah foretells good luck. Also it is considered a good sign if in the house the pregnant woman spends the night - then in it money will not be transmited or in this family unexpectedly there will be any pleasant event. Same povere, by the way, extends and on a newly-married couple. The older persons knowing about it, try to leave a young pair on a lodging for the night.


If the woman on snosjah dreams...

... To the girl, it to success;

... To the elderly lady not capable to a child-bearing, it foretells it illness;

... To the man it is waited by grief, care, disappointment and ruin.

Plot at difficult sorts (from known Siberian healer Natalia Stepanovoj)

If unbearable to suffer long torments, the lying-in woman should turn in that party, where in the sky the Sun, and if night, the Moon. Let will three times cross and will tell so: My God my God, there is I, slave Bozhija (name), before You. Before me two holy tables stand, on holy tables of that Jesus with the Deipara sit, at my tears look. All-holy Mater the Deipara holds gold keys, it unlocks meat lartsy, releases from bowels of the baby: from my flesh, from hot blood. My God, clean an ache, shchepoty, a pain nutrjanuju! As the Deipara has given birth without torments, without a pain, open gate bone. For the sake of the Father and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Amen .