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All men in a sort of the husband die in 45 years

Maria is anxious by a question of inevitability of fate. The matter is that at all men in a sort of her husband approximately one similar history of life: are born, marry, do good career and by 45 years suddenly die. First Maria did not pay attention to this law, but when the father of her husband has died, the tear-stained mother-in-law has told: It is a pity to me you, Attracting, probably, and my son will be comprehended by the same fate .

I was horrified! - the woman tells. - I would not like, that the husband died so early. And then at us two sons. It turns out that my kids are expected by the same unenviable fate, time all men on a branch of the husband have such destiny. Talked about it to mum, but she has told: From destiny all the same you will not leave . I do not know why, but this phrase has strongly angered me. I do not intend to expect such turn of events silently. Many times read in your newspaper that the destiny can be changed. Advise, from what to begin?

Actress Natalia SELEZNEV: I Believe in fate, but I not fatalistka

- I think that the destiny of the person is in advance predetermined and there are certain marks which, you want it or not, all the same happen in thy life. These preconditions necessarily arise, and here is how you will react to them... For example, I have got to cinema will of heavens - me have casually seen and have invited in theatre. And has gone: a role behind a role. I like national expression: It is fated to burn down - you will not sink . And all - taki I not fatalistka also consider that some moments of life can be corrected, any line to correct... If something does not suit you, it is not necessary to lower hands and to speak destiny such it is necessary to try to change something and then heavens will smile to you.

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