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Domogarov has withdrawn the wife at Konchalovsky

About, times! About, customs! On opened this Friday in the Expo Crocus to an exhibition of the goods for oligarchs Millionaire Fair 2006 there were really surprising things. It appears, now in secular Moscow it is accepted to come on parties not in steams, and love triangles.


the Novel Arhipov at first was pardoned with fabrikantkoj Nastej Shevchenko...


... And has then fallen arms the bride Ksjushe Gorbachevoj.

At first Xenia Gorbachevoj`s newly made groom, the graduate Factories - 6 The novel Arhipov, was declared in the Crocus with too fabrikantkoj Nastej Shevchenko, the pretty blonde whom the Novel tenderly embraced and posed under the handle with this for photographers. All was have solved - the lime novel was at them with Gorbachevoj! On the contrary - in half an hour the young man already actively met Xenia at doors, and the sweet couple has spent the rest of evening together.

Also everything when eks - bride Bori Yeltsin - younger and grand daughter Rasula Gamzatova Shahri Amirhanova has come with Vagipom, the present boy friend of the leader " much were surprised; Houses - 2 Xenias Sobchak. The secular public has not had time to sympathise with a daughter of the late Petersburg mayor as that has appeared in magnificent interiors of an exhibition, indifferently lovely cooing with windy Vagipom. All was explained simply enough. It is said that Shahri after Yeltsin - younger to itself the worthy partner, therefore the girl " yet has not found; has borrowed For evening of the boy friend of girlfriend Sobchak - not to miss in proud loneliness.

But most amazingly the following history looked. Under loud singing of the western star of Sarai Brajtman among expensive cars and stands with luxury goods rather picturesque couple slowly went. He is a known actor, it is possible to tell, sex - a symbol of the Russian cinema Alexander Domogarov. She is a recognised beauty and TV presenter Julia Vysotsky. Stars touchingly kept for hands, were interested in graceful chandeliers and cars, drinking champagne and at all without hesitating of cameras. And the strangest that in some distance from them Andrey Konchalovsky, Julia`s operating spouse followed. The director frowned, but nevertheless on Domogarova with fists did not rush, despite obviously free reference of that with Vysotsky. Thus anybody from a three did not disappear from a photo - and television cameras. Even Domogarov usually zealously storing the private life, did not drive paparazzi from so ambiguous scene. From seen together with one of the basic sights of an exhibition - udushajushche - sweet aroma from Gerlen, a floor - the litre bottle kotorog
about costs one million seven hundred thousand roubles, the head was really turned. Through any time from heart of the anxious secular public has gone away.

Andrey Konchalovsky it is masterful represented a role of the thrown husband while Domogarov looked after his wife Julej.

It was found out: mysterious shury - messes of Domogarova and Vysotsky is... Continuation of shootings of a new film of Konchalovsky under the name Luster about which we wrote couple of months back. I will remind that then the director has told to us that it films, the discrediting world of secular parties and glamour pastime, showing emptiness and an otioseness of such existence. And, Andrey admitted to the correspondent, seen on this fair of vanity of the Russian nouveau riches - only working process . And he is not so unfortunate cuckold, and the head of shootings. Then has approached and has kissed Domogarova, as native. Has then taken an arm the spouse and all Trinity has gone to celebrate the successful termination of the next film-making day.