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How to force money to work with profit?

money very much likes to work. Leave them to lie without business on a regiment or under a mattress, and the personal capital will start to grow thin in the face of. And start in a turn, and it inflation is not so terrible, they will grow percent, will bring in the additional income.

the Majority of all of us still gives money for work in bank: bank deposits on a habit consider hardly probable not as unique way of preservation and accumulation of money resources. However there are also other, much more profitable ways to dispose of spare cash. For example, to buy shares of one of numerous PIFS. Following the results of last years our compatriots who have become by owners of shares of investment funds, received the income, in times exceeding both inflation indicators, and percent offered by banks on contributions.

to tell about features of cooperation with PIFS, past Wednesday on direct communication with our readers left the general director of the Management company Alemar Tatyana BRONNIKOVA and its assistant Dmitry to the RETUNSKY.


Tatyana BRONNIKOVA: I Recommend to buy shares regularly

- you are disturbed by Anatoly Dmitrievich, the reader How to become the shareholder and what minimum sum it is necessary to have for this purpose?

- the Minimum cost of the share in the funds which are under control of our company, all three thousand roubles. And to become the shareholder, it is enough to approach in office of our company to the address: Moscow, Kadashevsky quay, the house 6/ 1. Or to one of our agents. Their addresses and phones can be learnt on our site www. am. alemar. ru. At itself it is necessary to have the passport. On a place you can already receive necessary consultations, choose, with what particularly PIF you want to work. Then the demand for acquisition of shares, the statement and the questionnaire for personal account opening is made out. All process occupies very few time.

- Payment too is accepted at company office?

- Is not present, through bank. That, by the way, relieves you of necessity each time to come to us to office: to pay acquisition of additional shares it is possible in the nearest branch from your house of any of banks.


- Good afternoon, to you Nikolay from Himok I calls I work as the engineer, nasobiral 60 thousand roubles. Wanted to buy shares, but never faced securities. How much risky to be put in PIFS and on what annual interest rate I can count?

- Nikolay, let`s begin that there are some categories of funds. There are funds of bonds are the least brave funds. Now their profitableness only nenamnogo, but all - taki above, than rates of bank deposits. The most brave are funds of actions. Last year funds of actions have brought to some shareholders to 80 annual interest rates. Such years happens a little, but now, after spring fall of quotations, the market was corrected and again is on lifting - it is possible to risk. Exist also funds of the mixed investments: what invest both in the action, and in the bond. When the share market falls, money is translated in the bond when the share market grows, money is translated in the action. The similar policy allows to compensate risks and to receive sufficient profits. Therefore for the investor it is the most comfortable tool. But money is not obligatory for investing in one company, in one fund. It is possible to divide them into parts simply: any sum to place in fund of the mixed investments, any - in fund of actions. It is an optimum variant.


-   My name is Julia Stanislavovna. Good afternoon. In the announcement the Direct line you promised to tell not only about purchase and sale, but also about an exchange of shares. What is this procedure?

- In management of our company there are some PIFS: fund of actions, fund of bonds, funds of the mixed investments. Our clients have possibility at any moment to pass from one opened allocation in another. For example, the shareholder of fund of actions at a given time sees that the situation on a securities market becomes, in his opinion, too risky. Also exchanges shares of this PIF for shares of more conservative fund. And, to the contrary, if your money has been enclosed in fund of bonds, but oil has suddenly started to grow in the price, you again come back in fund which works with actions of the oil companies. I will notice, what not all management companies give similar possibility. To pass from fund in fund, the shareholder should sell at first shares, and then on the obtained money to buy others. We have relieved the clients of this bulky procedure and superfluous expenditure.


Dmitry of the RETUNSKY: At the Russian market of PIFS the big prospects

  - Hello! He is Cyril from St.-Petersburg. A leah has Alemar representation in our city?

- Yes, our agency representations work in Novosibirsk, St.-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Ekaterinburg, Yaroslavl, Nizhnevartovsk, Krasnoyarsk, Kemerovo. The geography of our presence will extend.

  - And how for a long time there is your company and what results showed last years?

- We have entered the market in 1997. All these years work of our funds brought in to shareholders the income much more exceeding a rate of inflation. For example, last year moderately conservative fund of the mixed investments has brought to shareholders 44 annual interest rates. And from the beginning of this year cost of its shares has grown for 18 percent.


  - Dmitry Samsonov from Moscow. A question such: to sell the share with the greatest benefit, it is necessary, I think, constantly to trace its cost and how it to make?

- If it is a question of shares of our funds the information on their cost can be received in any working day by phone (495 223 - 68 - 79. All companies daily publish the corresponding data on the the Internet - sites and in newspapers Sheets and Kommersant . And results of work of management companies for a month are informed by variety of business magazines.

- And sell the share I can at any moment?

- If fund opened, yes. However, if from the moment of purchase till the moment of sale of the share will pass less than year you should pay the certain commission, in different management companies it different. At us - only one percent.


- Respond, please, to the reader from Odintsov! How cost of shares more often changes?

- the Auctions at stock exchange occur daily. Accordingly, also share cost every day changes: today it costs 3000 roubles, tomorrow can cost and 3300, the day after tomorrow - 3200, therefore we and recommend to invest in PIFS on long term.

- That is it is very important to choose the right time even for its purchase?

- it is unconditional. If the market long time of dews, is better to refrain from purchase, as there is a probability of falling of cost of securities. But now, after summer correction, the market is on lifting, and, under forecasts of our analysts, continuation of growth and next year is possible. So now the moment to become the shareholder, favorable enough. But anyway the investment in shares will bring on - to the present powerful results only at long terms of placing of available assets - two, three and more years.

- And how often I can buy shares?

- Here no restrictions are present. We recommend to buy shares for rather small sums which will not be too burdensome for the family budget, but to do it regularly. For example, after salary reception. The demand for acquisition of shares repeated so it will not demand additional expenses of time.

- Many thanks!


  - the Direct line ? Dmitry? My name is Oleg. I understand that at work on a securities market always there is a certain risk. But nevertheless it would be desirable to learn, a leah supervises the state activity of PIFS? Where guarantees that money of shareholders will not leave on the left ?

- There is a two-level system of the state control over work of PIFS. The first - us is supervised by the Management company of federal service on the financial markets to which we hand over the reporting on a daily basis. The second level is specialised depozitary. It is responsible for safety of actives of share investment funds and actually gives us the permission to fulfilment of those or other operations. If we want to buy a summer residence on Canary Islands spetsdep will block such transaction. Possibility of no-purpose use of means of shareholders is excluded completely.