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The bride for Noja Wylie was married off by producers

- Adore doctor Carter from a serial First aid . Write about the actor who plays it.
Olga. Moscow.

Ache Wylie was born in Hollywood, grew in the big family - at it was six brothers and sisters. At first he also did not dream to become the actor, is simple with curiosity has participated in any small teleplay. But business so has grasped it that Ache began to shirk desperately college for the sake of tests at cinema.

In the basic Wylie received tiny roles, it more anywhere did not work, sometimes starved... To first aid it, perhaps, had only one quite good role - in Roba Rajnera film Some good guys . All because directors and script writers who had to deal with it, were ready to hang more likely, than to continue cooperation with Wylie. Ache strove to bring own editing in each double, and even demanded to copy the scenario from the beginning to the end, besides, it quite often was late for rehearsals. Anything surprising, after all in its room the kind one hundred women has spent the night...

First aid as a matter of fact, has rescued Wylie. Thanks to doctor Carter it became so well-founded that presumes pleasures for the sake of to work to itself in   low budget films and even   to be a producer of them. Besides, on shootings it has found the wife.

Makeup artist Trejsi Uorbin had a reputation for the first beauty in studio. Ache has fallen in love at first sight. But the girl was going to get married, it essentially did not meet actors and when Ache tried with it poflirtovat, only sniffed.

However, Wylie did not lower a hand. It began to besiege this " literally; an unapproachable bastion Thereby having upset wedding (groom Trejsi has appeared it is very jealous, he some times fought with Ache, made scandals therefore Trejsi has left it), began to fill up the girl with colours and gifts. It is necessary to tell that the girl did not give in. Romeo began to be late regularly or at all to pass shootings. And it was necessary to interfere with business... To producers! Strangely enough, it has helped. Trejsi has agreed to meet with we Ache. And here some years of steam happily lives together.

Advertising has helped to find financial stability. But has prevented career...

Victoria Gerasimov - the girl-friend - a pillow

- Tell, please, about actress Victoria Gerasimovoj who plays a serial the City romance .
Valentina. Moscow.

Victoria Gerasimov has arrived five years ago to Moscow from Kaliningrad. Basically it worked on television. For certain you it saw in programs the Question. Still a question on NTV, Easy money on Muses of TV, Cheerful dollars on Ren of TV. Besides, Victoria appeared in serials and films the Goddess of a prime - a time My general the Madam fate . But to the majority of televiewers it all - taki is known as the girl-friend - a pillow from cud advertising.

However, Victoria says that is not too pleasant, when, learning it in the street, cry out: Greetings, a pillow! Besides, advertising has not too well affected its actor`s career: Many directors categorically against to take in the films advertising persons and consequently Victoria has missed some good roles.

But, by a recognition of the actress, for advertising not too badly pay. Thanks to the three-year contract Victoria has found financial stability, could buy the car and do a bit of travelling on the world.

Natalia has given to the ex-husband one more chance. But Mario all the same continues to dismiss hands...

the Thick little girl again gets divorced

- Heard that Natalia Strejgnard (she played Valentina in a serial the Thick little girl ) Again gets divorced. It is truth?
Irina. Moscow.

it is valid, marriage of Cuban actor Mario Simarro and the Venezuelan actress Natalia Strejgnard has broken up... In the second time!

the Couple has got acquainted eight years ago in Miami on serial shootings. They have fallen in love at first sight and at once have got married. But a bit later have divorced from - that Simarro dismissed hands.

the Love has appeared more strongly, and some time later Natalia has decided to give Mario the second chance, they have again got married. And again for a short while.

the reason of the second divorce the same - the bad reference. Tabloids also dazzle with articles that Mario has love affairs with not which journalist by name of Ana with whom has got acquainted in 2001.  

the Husband of the actress hospitalised with an appendicitis bad attack.

Del of the Side will go to prison?

Actress Andrea Del Boka, known to the Russian spectator on serials Selesta Antonella and the Black pearl recently visits judicial sessions, than television studio is more often. Now its former lover Rikardo Biasotti has submitted to court on it for the reason that Andrea does not allow to it to see the daughter.

All Rikardo brought an action against Andreu... Nine times! However, in six cases has won Del of the Side, and few times she had to pay the impressive penalty - about ten thousand peso. But now Del of Boke threatens jail placement from six months till three years. Judge Alehandro Litvak has considered that the actress transgressions, concerning the persons interfering meetings of parents, living separately, with children. However, Andrea speaks, it is necessary to the judge to understand more attentively business materials, and the law will be on its party.

And next year the actor at last marries!

Tjagu Laserda becomes the father on the screen and in life

In a short story life Pages The hero of Brazilian actor Tjagu Laserdy (it also is known on a serial the Earth love, the hope earth ) Is going to become the father. On happy coincidence, its companion of life of Vanessa Loes too waits for the child! It is on the fourth month of pregnancy. This child becomes the firstborn of pair which lives together six years and till now is not betrothed even not. However, in connection with new circumstances in their life of Tjagu and Vanessa have decided to get married next year. Wedding plan to celebrate modestly, not in Brazil, and where - nibud abroad.

the Husband of the actress hospitalised with an appendicitis bad attack.

Sjuzana Viejra has spent a honeymoon in hospital

Sujuzana Viejra (the heroine of a serial The mistress of destiny ), recently married for 35 - summer police officer Marselu Silvu, has been urged to spend a honeymoon in cares of the young spouse. Directly in the first wedded night Marselu has been placed in hospital in the city of Punto of Kano in Dominican republic with the diagnosis an acute appendicitis where has been quickly operated.

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