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PIFS: with what to begin

Here did not expect - that: for a week at once three colleagues were converted behind advice. In PIFS, speak, it is dreamt to be enclosed, with what to begin, it is not known. It was necessary to conduct it corresponding lecture...

Questions which arise at the person, dared to invest in PIFS, and actually arises much. Smart schedules mixed up with clever economic terms not everyone straight off can understand. But the most important difficulty arises at the PIF choice: it is a lot of them, but what is capable to make profit?

be first of all defined, you put what purpose before yourselves. Shareholders usually share on three categories.

From bonds the gain is insignificant

the First fine understand that any fund shows risky action. Where - that is more, and where and it is less. Therefore people simply want to beat off money from inflation. And from thieves - domushnikov at the same time. Specially for them BONDED funds also are invented. Profitableness here not such and high - not above 15 - 20 % year, but and risk it is minimum, therefore as money are enclosed in the bond of state enterprises. By the way, on the statistican, every fourth investor who has become by the shareholder in October, it is possible to carry to this group - for a month they have enclosed about 500 million roubles.

With actions it is more brave

the Second category of beginning investors dreams to increase the capitals fantastically. Indicators of last year only warm up their interest and thirst to grow rich - other successful PIFS have brought to the clients to 140 % following the results of a year! As a rule, it is funds of ACTIONS. On the means enclosed in such PIFS, management companies buy and sell securities of the enterprises of all patterns of ownership. The principle is simple - has bought more cheaply, has sold more expensively. It is possible to play, of course, on quotations and it is independent, but unlike us in the companies the professionals surrounded in tens of analysts work. They know game rules in stock market is better. However, it is not necessary to forget and that sometimes the market happens it is unpredictable and behaves contrary to forecasts of experts. So guarantees of that your shares of actions will rise in price without fail, any company in the world does not give. From here a conclusion: the more profitableness of fund, the above risk. And on the contrary. Though October was fertile time for investors: a record following the results of October - 7,64 %.

the Golden mean

would be desirable the Third part of shareholders, as president Putin spoke once, both a small fish to eat, and pleasure to have. That is and to risk it is less, but also profitableness decent that was. If you from such, it is necessary to look narrowly at PIFS of the MIXED INVESTMENTS. It is a certain symbiosis between funds of actions and funds of bonds. The investment portfolio there is distributed so that their part turned in stock market, and another has been enclosed in the bond. Thus the second as though podstrahovyvaet the first. The profit here above will be, than in PIFS of bonds, but also risk to lose less, than in funds of actions.

And often lose?

Risk to lose money exists. But in - the first, you can always replace the managing director, in - the second, the companies are not interested in yielding losses to the clients - after all a part from your profit it will leave to itself, it is its earnings. Therefore the more they for you will earn, the will get to them more. And at statistics to look not bad. According to National league of managing directors, in October from 312 PIFS of various types at a loss to the clients have worked only 23 funds. That is with a problem 7 % have not consulted. So your shareholders won in 93 of 100 cases.


How much could be earned, having put up money one year ago (ten best on profitableness of funds)

the Data of National league of managing directors for November, 16th, 2006

the Income for a year, % Fund the Management company
90,31 VITUS - Fund of actions VITUS
86,40 Agana - the Extreme AGANA
82,03 Diamond UK Rosbank
80,40 a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index PIOGLOBAL Esset Management
76,94 Courageous Lazurite
76,01 UNIVERSITY - fund of actions University
74,03 the WHALE - the Russian electric power industry the WHALE of Finans
73,75 Solid - a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index Solid Management
73,57 Maksvell the Capital Maksvell Esset Management
72,11 the PROSPECTUS - a Moscow Interbank Stock Exchange Index VTB Management of actives