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Pugacheva leaves from a scene?

in an air one of these days there was Alla Borisovny`s new hit I Invite to a decline . It is said that the star has devoted this smart ballad to the eks - to spouse Phillip Kirkorov. On hearings, I Invite to a decline the latest album Pugachevoj who will be called " will enter in new and, unfortunately; Thanks, love! . Recently Alla Borisovna has shared with friends that intend to say goodbye to a scene. We will remind, already wrote that the Prima donna becomes the mistress of the new concert hall which is under construction on place GTSKZ Russia .
For now Alla Pugacheva in Ukraine removes on a song I Invite to a decline the last clip at director Alan Badoeva.
Alla Borisovna has arrived to Kiev as the newcomer. Say that doctors have worked at its body and the person. Ostensibly recently Alla saw in Petersburg clinic of known cosmetic surgeon Rybakina.
Klip Pugachevoj (it will appear on TV in January) is autobiographical. Christina Orbakajte participates in a roller also. However, not as the daughter, and as its girl-friend. The plot originates in 70 - e years, and comes to an end presently. Alla Borisovna will change dresses   six times.   about star clothes Pugachevoj the correspondent has talked to the stylist Olga Navrotsky.
- As Alla Borisovna will be to live in a clip during different epoch its clothes will reflect all time layers, - Olga has told. - wigs, hairdresses, a make-up will reflect too Alla Borisovnu during the different periods of her life. Certainly, there will be also a well-known white loose overall.
That to special requirements they were concerning materials from which sewed clothes: Alla Borisovna loves natural fabrics. One dress which very much was pleasant to it, the singer has wanted to take away to Moscow.    
- the Prima donna was not capricious?
- Is not present, it was in good mood. Pugacheva very creative woman: she of very well sees in offered circumstances.

In number from 15. 12. 2006 we wrote, how the Prima donna on the Kremlin diet has strongly grown thin. However, comparing how the singer half a year back (a shot at the left looked) and now (on the right), it becomes clear that without plastic surgery here has not managed.
- And why Pugacheva has decided to remove the last clip at little-known Badoeva?
  - Phillip Kirkorov has advised. He was delighted with removed Badoevym of a clip of group VIA Gra LML .
Alan Badoev has told that its meeting with the Prima donna has taken place in Odessa during its tour over Ukraine.
- Alla Borisovna has told that the clip is autobiographical, and she can entrust this work not to everyone. In a clip there will be intimate notes, and it is necessary for me to pass a special state of mind, - Alan has noted. - I am happy that have deserved such trust.