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The new head coach Moscow the Locomotive Anatoly Byshovets: with Semin the maximum result is necessary To us!

more recently we met Anatoly Fedorovichem Byshovets on our traditional evening of celebration of the winner of football year Fair game . I then have asked the Olympic champion merited the trainer of the USSR, a leah changes in his life approach. He has responded simply: Time will tell .
Have seen. Also were surprised. It seems to me that Byshovets`s purpose by the head coach the Locomotive and Yury Semin - the president of club - event from the category revolutionary and, on - to mine, even is louder, than Guus Hiddink`s purpose by the trainer of Russian national team.
- Anatoly Fedorovich, the offer was unexpected?
- would not tell.
- As for a long time has arrived and how at once you have agreed?
- the First conversation has taken place about two weeks ago, just on the eve of departure to Holland where the Russian trainers passed examinations for reception of the licence of the international category. Conversation was pleasant to me. The meeting has given the chance to look optimistically at once at work in club. And some days ago me have asked to give the definitive answer. It was positive.
- Problems before you have put the maximum. Probably, those who has proposed. Who they and what specific targets?
- the Head of club, the president of Open Society the Russian railways Vladimir Yakunin sees the club future as one of leaders in Europe. A problem maximum. But I and itself in a shower and on life the extremist. That it is pleasant to me.
- And you knew, what Yury Pavlovich Semin, the former head coach will be the new president of club?
- Is not present, when I answered, it did not know.
- the Interesting tandem has turned out: Semin - Byshovets. Now and New year, possibly, will meet together?
- the Normal tandem. Interest at us identical. Both is essentially extremists. Relations working and friendly. Certainly, for good luck in new year glasses we will lift. While many organizational and purely business problems.
- When the first time will meet the command?
- on January, 8th at children holiday comes to an end. Means, at once and we will start to work.
the Boss again in Loko
Goalkeeper Sergey Ovchinnikov comes back in the Locomotive but any more as the operating player and to take a place in Anatoly Byshovets`s trainer`s staff. It is interesting that the Boss always spoke against prospect of work with goalkeepers, and wanted to be normal the trainer.
Vladimir KOZIN
Yury Semin (on the right) has occupied an armchair of the president, having conceded to Anatoly Byshovets fast of the trainer.